*Dead Queen*


Outfit: .::Pink Sugah::. “Bloody Halloween” (Willow) {NEW!}

Crown: TST “Twilight Diamond Tiara” (Silver)

Hair: Truth Hair “Bonnie”

Pose: Something New “Pageant Winner” {NEW!} @ Unique Event

Makeup: Corvus “Beaten Up Face” & “Deep Black Eyeshadow”

Nail Polish: ::Toxxic:: “Pandora Gatcha Nail #2” {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout

*Going the distance*





Top: [Cynful] “Tittie Top” (Pink)
Jacket: [Cynful] “Cropped Denim Jacket” (Blue)

Skirt: Apple May “Details” (B&W)

Shoes: Reign “Alexxis Heels” (Group Gift)
Hair: Truth Hair “Siri”
Nails: *Aphrodisiac* Mayhem Nails – Inverse Fingernails RARE {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout 
Ring: :Deadpool: “Deadly Ring” (Butterfly) {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout

*Need a hand?*




Its Topless Tuesday and today Im showing off the goods lmao. This is def a different look for me, but I thought what the hell and went with it. I love love love loveeeeeee this skin from Flounce. Its another one of the skin tones from their Halloween Blackout items. The highlights on the face are just amazing and this one even has some purple eye shadow and my god is it gorgeous!! And how juicy and full do my lips look? I love it! I love everything about this skin from the color, eye shadow, little details and the eyes. I wanted to show it off better so I decided to wear little to nothing in this post without being completely naked lol. The tattoo I found at The Big Show and fell in love. Its this gorgeous Henna tattoo that comes in 3 different shades. Since I was showing off the skin I figured I would show off the tattoo too. Im not sure if TBS is still going on but I dont think this tattoo was an exclusive to it so you can probably go check it out at the store. Also the pose is new from Something New and its called “Blog my tatt” so I figured it was perfect to use for showing off the tattoo. I hope you all enjoy this different look from me. And I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!! Until next time…


Skin: Flounce “Amelia” (Drow) {NEW} @ Halloween Blackout
Outfit: Impose “Grabby Ass, Grabby Chest, Grabby Crotch” (Halloween Blackout Pack) {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout
Hair: Truth Hair “Anita”
Horns: *{ Seven Garden}* “Rina” (Its a complete outfit but I didnt use it all for this look)
Tattoo: Infected “Henne Tattoo”
Pose: *Something New~ “Blog My Tatt” {NEW!}


*Come little children I’ll take thee away*

Come little children
I’ll take thee away
Into a land of enchantment
Come little children
The time’s come to play
Here in my garden of shadows




When you think of October and Halloween you cant NOT think of Hocus Pocus and those three fabulous witches. Its one of my all time favorite Halloween movies. You have to watch it every October. Its just a must!! And this song (linked below) and scene is one of my favorites in the whole movie. Sarah Jessica Parker was just amazing in that movie. I was actually blown away when I got older and realized it was her playing that part. Everyone makes fun of her, but I just love her. And dont get me started on how amazing Bette Midler was. Any who.. with all that being said.. Happy Monday everyone! Sorry I didnt post any last week. I was super sick with this nasty ass cold. I guess it could have been worse, but considering Ive went almost 2 years without getting a cold, it was torture for me lol. Im still kinda exhausted from the cold, but ill manage. Today Im bringing to you some new stuff from the Halloween Blackout event. If you havent went over and checked it out you still have time. And can I just talk about this skin for a second? Oh my gosh I absolutely fell in LOVE with it. The highlights on the face are perfect and its the most amazing light green for the perfect witch look. The store also has appliers for these skins and seriously they are to die for. I have a couple others Ill be blogging too so stay tuned for that. I thought this skin went perfect with this new witch costume from Ryba Designs. It comes with a broom (not pictured here), the hat and these knee high boots. It also comes in a variety of colors and the one im showing you today is a common gatcha item. The broom I am posing on is from Something New Props & Poses. HOW STINKIN CUTE IS THIS? And the broom has cute particles that come from it which makes it even more fabulous i think. Im showing you two of the many poses you can try for including a couple couples poses on the broom as well. I didnt pose on those so thats enough reason for you to go check it out at the Halloween Blackout event. Im a huge lover of Something New Pose Store. The amount of work, quality, and adorable props Ally gives you is just flawless. She keeps bringing out new stuff almost every day so stay on the lookout for her new things. Hope everyone has a quick, safe, and easy Monday and until next time..


Skin: Flounce “Amelia” (Witchy) {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout
Hair: [MAG] “Bryna”
Dress: Ryba Design “Witch Dress” {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout
Poses: *Something New~ “Witching Hour 2 & 4″ {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout


My Imperfections make me Beautiful♥

marilyn monroe8


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Good Afternoon my loves! Todays Halloween costume is very cliche and simple, but if you know me you know im a HUGE lover of Marilyn Monroe and this had to be  done. Catwa’s Marilyn Dress is to die for. Ive seen a lot of Marilyn Seven Year Itch dresses in Second Life and this one takes the cake. Its absolutely perfect. If only I had a fan underneath me for the exact look it would have been perfect lol. Ive always wanted to recreate the photo on the bottom of Marilyn and the sugar skull mask in second life. Its not exact, but its damn near close and Im pretty proud of myself for making this photo happen. As yall know.. Im no Photo Shop expert. I barely know anything about it tbh. I have no patience to learn all the brushes and little dohickys about it lol. I do have GIMP downloaded on my computer though and thought “what the hell” and decided to give this creation a go. On both photos Im damn proud of myself. Its nothing flashy or fancy or SUPER GREAT, but for it.. Its damn near perfect  considering this was my first attempt at something like this lol. This new Truth Hair as soon as I seen it instantly thought “Thats the best Marilyn hair if Ive ever seen any in second life.” and knew my time had come to put this simple costume together. I absolutely love this and I hope you do too.


Dress: ^;^CaTwA^;^ “Marilena Dress”
Hair: Truth Hair “Vixen” {NEW!} @ Uber
Shoes: REIGN “High Society Heels” (White)
Face Paint: Soul Distraction “Los Muertos White Face Paint”

*Just pickin apples*




Can I girly scream for a second? *ahhh jumps around all excited like a 13 year old at her first dance* Okay, okay, now that thats out of my system I can get to this blog post. The other night Brae IMd me and told me she had made something that she hoped I liked because she took inspiration from my blog posts and stuff I wear normally to make it. She sent it to me and first of all it was named “Jaden” so I instantly got a lil excited and then when I opened it up I fell in LOVEEEE!! Eeeeekkkk!! Its this CUTE CUTE CUTE little hoodie for Fall. Okay.. first off.. I LOVE Hoodies in RL and SL and secondly the back of this hoodie is to die for. The little corset ribbons up the back.. AHHH!! I FREAKIN LOVE LOVE LOVE! Its like cute casual but sexy in the back. I cant get enough of this hoodie. AND it had little ribbons on the sleeves and in the front. SO STINKIN CUTE! It comes in a few different colors too. Ugh! I just love it so much and I wanna thank Brae for making it with me in mind. It totally made my day. These jeans are from the Spirit Store and although a little pricey they are worth it. They dont show your butt crack, they are skinny jeans so cute with heels, and the detail around the knee is amazing. I ended up buying two pairs of these. One in white as you see here and the other in orange. The heels are to die for too. They are also a lil on the pricey side but worth it. I have two pairs of these too. I was looking at someones blog post one day and it just said JD for the maker and no link. I was determined to find this store and tried everything in the world trying to find it. Why people dont use SLURLS in their blog blows me away. Whats the point of a blog if you arent going to link us the SLURL to where we can get it? I finally found “JD” at an event which was what was shown in the blog post I was looking at. I then had to jump through hoops basically to find out wtf JD meant and then find the owners profile and get a tp to the store that way. Argh so much hassle for me to just go and look around for shoes lol. I get there and they have a TON of cute shoes and I fell in love with these. BTW JD means Just Designs and I have added the SLURL if you would like to visit the store. Why? Because thats what bloggers SHOULD do ffs. Smdh makes me so frustrated when I see a cute outfit with no blog links to the store. I want to write them and say “Hey.. whats the point? Just wanna show off how cute you think you look and thats it? Have a seat please!” lmfao. Ofc I dont, but sometimes I wish I just would. ANY WHO.. the nails are some of my favorite from the Halloween Blackout event. I love this metallic silver look and also the ring you can get at Halloween Blackout as well. I thought it was a cute touch of flavor to my fall post. :)  Hope yall enjoyed this and I will see  you soon. :) Until next time..


Hoodie: .t13. “Jaden Fall Hoodie” (Black) {NEW!}
Jeans: Spirit Store “Lav Unisex Pants” (White)
Shoes: JD “Cult Lacquered” (Mint)
Hair: Truth Hair “Shae”
Nails: ::Toxxic:: “Pandora Gatha Nail #1″ {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout
Ring: The Little Bat “Pearl Bat Ring” (Orange) {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout


.x. Snapped .x.





Happy Tuesday Everyone! This post is inspired by a housewife whos just had enough of her cheating ass man. She cooks, cleans, does his laundry, picks up after his sorry ass and how does he repay her? By fucking some other chick of course. This reminds me of that TV show Snapped where the females get so mad at their men that they end up killing them. Fun fact.. they had a episode of that that happened in my home town. I knew the people too and actually grew up with the man that was murdered. My very first boyfriend when I was young was my neighbor. His aunt was married to the man that was murdered. His aunt didnt kill him because they had been divorced for awhile. Of course he cheated on her with the woman he married who later on killed his ass. I think she got off from the killing because Im not sure she had to do any time and convinced everyone she was innocent. Yet.. we all know she did. Every time I think of this TV show I remember when my old assistant at my old job was so tired of her mans shit that she asked me if I had ever watched the show. At the time I had not and asked her what it was about. She told me it was about women getting tired of their mans shit and killing them. I was like “whoa. Thats a little intense” and she replied with “yeah well ya know what Tabitha? Sometimes I can relate to those females and I can agree. Sometimes you just get so tired of their bullshit the only way to stop it is to put a bullet in their head.” This was just one of the many times I raised my eyebrow and kinda backed away from her. Thing is.. I can totally see her doing it too lol. Although.. her man (who shes still with to this day) is a big pile of shit tbh. That aint none of my business tho. *Sips tea* lol ANYWAYS enough about crazies in my home town and lets get to this outfit. This dress was given to me awhile back to blog from one of my dear friends Miss Kilo. I had been swamped with stuff to blog and never got around to blogging it for her (im so sorry Kilo) but I thought this was the perfect time to use it in my psycho housewife post. Its very well made and classy and looks like something your typical susie homemaker would wear. I love it. It looks as if Ive had a hard day at work, come home to get the housework done and find yet again for the sorry son of a bitch to be cheating and then she just loses it lol. The shoes are from Reign and they are the maryjane heels. I thought they were very Housewife’ish too lol. This prop pose is from my amazing Miss Ally. You even get the knife with this little box of murder. Everything you see in the background comes in this pose prop. It also comes with 5 poses Im showing you 4 of the 5. The reason I didnt blog the other is because its a sitting pose and my vagina hangs out lmao. I was too lazy to put on panties too so decided showing you these 4 was enough to make you want to go check out the 5th one included lol. This is soooooo well made. It has fog, and the shadows are wonderful and everything looks so real. If you havent been to Something New Props & Poses store you MUSTTTT go check it out. Go all the way up to the top floor for all her Halloween props & poses. She has a ton and she told me last night she has more she needs to put out. Ughhfjdksjkf;jsa  I love them so much. Im sure Ill be using others in more looks to come this month so be on the lookout for them. Thank you so much Ally & Kilo for allowing me to blog these items for you both. ♥ My nails are from the up and coming event that starts soon from Urban United called Halloween Blackout. Its a gatcha event but not just a gatcha event because they are having all kinds of parties every weekend with some absolutely FABULOUS DJs including two of my favorite DJs in the world Mr Balance Cordis (My amazing brother)  & Tristain Savon. Hello! Those two names spinning some fantastic music for yall? WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU MISS THAT? I know Im going to be there.  I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to their week and I will see yall soon.


Dress: KJIm “Amaya Mesh Coat Dress” (Merlot)
Hair: eXxEsS “Indra”
Shoes: REIGN “MaryJanes” (Black)
Lip Makeup: Corvus “Bloody Lips”
Eyes: VerseEye “Nightfall” (Bella)
Eye Makeup: Corvus “Insomnia Makeup”
Neck Wounds: Corvus “Double Neck Cut”
Knees: Corvus “Bloody Knees”
Brows: .tsg. “Sassy Brow”
Nails: *Aphrodisiac* “Mayhem Nails” (Zipper Fingernails) {RARE} -NEW- @ Halloween Blackout
Pose Prop: *Something New~ “Murderous Halloween” {NEW!}