Ill be love’s suicide.




Hey Yall ♥ I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a beautiful start to their week yesterday. I woke up early today just so I had enough time to write a lil something before work. I feel like I havent written anything for yall to read in awhile. When I dont write anything and just put the clothing I feel like I just half assed the blog post. I dont know why, other than the fact that I guess Im used to writing a huge story for yall to read. Even though Im not sure if anyone does tbh but I feel like I need to write something on each post and when I dont I feel like shit lol.

And what just happened? I got distracted and forgot to finish typing lol. ANY WHO..

This outfit I honestly just fell in love with once I put it together. The jacket is from MoDanna and is FREE at their main store until the end of this month. Its part of the Dirty Turkey Hunt and seriously yall.. you NEED this jacket. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Youll have to find something to wear under it or just wear it alone and be super sexy and revealing. Its FREE though and so fabulously made its insane. The pants are one of the many colors you can get from Twenty13 at the Thrift Shop this round. I fell in love with these pants when I put them on too. They have a little sag but nothing too ridiculous I love how the bottom of the pants are skinny jeans and look cute with even heels if you wanted to wear them. I paired them up with the new release from Reign from this past Saturday Sale. If youre lucky you might be able to run over there and snag em if they are still out. They are the cutest flats ever. As for this hair.. I went around looking at Little Bones store the other day. To be completely honest I dont think Ive ever been to their store before, like the main store. Im pretty sure this hair in this photo was for a event a little while ago but now its in the main store. I absolutely love this hair.. I love the hat that comes with it too. Its just so perfect. You can even change the color of the hat as well. It comes with a color changing HUD for it. Just so so so so so cute. I freaking love this outfit so much and I hope you do too. Love all yall and I hope you have a wonderful day!!


Jacket: MoDANNA “Tartan Jacket w/leather” {NEW!} @ The Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0
Shirt: Gizza “Cotton Jacket” (It comes with the jacket)
Jeans: .t13. “LeMarchal Pants *Unisex*” (Black) {NEW!} @ The Thrift Shop
Hair: little bones. “Glow”
Shoes: REIGN “Ramsay Flats” (Black) {NEW!}

*Winters Sweetness*








Shirt: :SS: “Womens Plain Tees” (Light)
Jacket: [Cynful] “Cardigan” (Emerald) @ TBS
Jeans: MoDANNA “”Ripped Knees Jeans” (Dark Blue) [Charivari Collection] {NEW!} @ TBS
Boots: REIGN “Slouchy Knit Boots” (Black)
Hair: *Soonsiki~ “After School”
Scarf: .T13. “Winter Scarf” (Black) {NEW!} @ The Thrift Shop

*All that glitters*



Hello my gorgeous lovies!! Today Im bringing to you a new release from Mercy’s Bowtique. And the great thing about this dress… IT ACTUALLY FREAKING SPARKLES! Im not talking about particle crap either.. like.. the dress itself SPARKLES! Omg its soo sooo soooo stinking cuteeeee!! It comes in a few other colors and all of them sparkle. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I put it on. I seriously can NOT get enough of it. SO adorable. I wish there was a way that I could show you it actually sparkling but just trust me, it does. Go get it.. nao! lol. If you love glittery things like I know every girl does.. You will love this dress.

Dress: Mercy’s Bowtique “Lana Dress” (Barbie)

Hair: .Ploom. “Carrie”

Center of the ring just like a circus.




Im bringing to you a new release from Pink Sugah today for this absolutely AMAZING event starting November 6th-26th. This is called the Cirque de Seraphim Event. Its a sim-wide sales event featuring designers with new, circus themed creations. The best part about this event? Each designer has to provide at least one donation item at 50% donation to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) So one items money earned from it 50% of it will go to help animals. If you know me you know im a HUGE supporter of animals and helping them. So when I found this out it just touched my heart so much. This is a huge event too with tons of goodies to go check out. Please go and at least look around. Its for a great cause.. who doesnt love helping animals? And you could make a difference with your purchases. This outfit Im showing you today is new from Pink Sugah as I said and you get everything you see here besides hair. Outfit comes with the laces for your feet, clothing, and head piece. ALSO this is Tara’s first pose prop shes made. It also comes with the outfit. Its a cute little bar with a few different poses in it that you see above. I didnt show them all so you will have to get this outfit to see the rest. It comes in 5 colors total and it so stinkin cute. I hope you go visit this event starting the 6th and at least look around.. what do you have to lose?


Outfit: .:Pink Sugah:. “Trapeze Outfit” (Pink) {NEW!} @ Cirque de Seraphim
Hair: .Ploom. “Carrie”

:+: All American Girl :+:



HELLO MY LOVES!! I havent talked to yall in forever it seems like. Im so sorry.. although Im not sure if anyone really reads these. Even if you dont it still lets me vent and just talk to you about life. So in some sense my SL clothing blog has turned into my journal too. Well.. I was fumbling through songs on youtube and came across this one (linked below) and it kinda hit home. This past weekend I went out on my first RL date in forever. All the things mentioned in this song he basically did. From the washing his truck, holding the door, me singing in the passenger seat, he had a reason to get dressed up, held my hand.. lol its just too cute and perfect. First time hearing it tonight too although apparently it came out in August of this year. Hmm.. who knew? lol. Anyways for the ones who care enough to read and give a shit about me and my life.. the date went better than expected. Its kinda a long story with him but weve had a history for 7 years now and its as if God keeps bringing us back together. Either its a fucked up fairy tale or God is just having us do this again for the 3rd time for his own amusement. I hope its the first one rather than the second.

On to the clothing though since thats what Im sure youre here for. This is a cute new top out from a dear friend of mines store “Mercy’s Bowtique.” Now if you know Mercy you know shes a lover of bows (hence the name BOWtique) and this cute little american flag shaped like a bow is so damn adorable. Im just a huge lover of these sweaters too in SL. I love the way it sits and hugs my body and curves, so when I seen it was this kinda sweater I knew I would fall in love. The jeans are from Cynful and a new release for the Sad November fair. Cyn & Promise created these Tweed Pants with a BUTT TON of options for the belt. First the jeans come in a few different colors to choose from, but the HUDS for the belts are UH-MAZE-ING! Each jean color comes with a belt add on hud which contains 12 buckle colors and 8 belt colors. Thats not even counting all the other Belt Add on HUDS you can buy later. ALL SO DAMN STINKIN CUTE! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these jeans. Get used to seeing me wear them because I have a feeling ima be wearing them a lot recently. Hair is by Ploom and Im sure Ive blogged this hair before, but going through my inventory tonight I came across it again and fell in love with it all over. I had to use it for this post. The owl you see was given to me from one of the sweetest girls I know Vanna one of the owners of Twenty13. She found it at a Gatcha Yard Sale. I didnt link its stuff because Im not sure if you can get it in the store. Thank you again so much Vanna for the owl because its now became my favorite. I love it so much! ♥ I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and Im sure Ill see yall again soon :)


Shirt: Mercy’s Bowtique “Merica Sweater”
Jeans: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Tweed Pants” (Slate Blue) {NEW!} @ Sad November
Hair: .Ploom. “Stephie”

*Dead Queen*


Outfit: .::Pink Sugah::. “Bloody Halloween” (Willow) {NEW!}

Crown: TST “Twilight Diamond Tiara” (Silver)

Hair: Truth Hair “Bonnie”

Pose: Something New “Pageant Winner” {NEW!} @ Unique Event

Makeup: Corvus “Beaten Up Face” & “Deep Black Eyeshadow”

Nail Polish: ::Toxxic:: “Pandora Gatcha Nail #2” {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout