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Good Morning everyone!! Monday is over so we can plan on the rest of the week being fabulous until the weekend \O/ Today I bring to you the newest release from !Soul. This dress comes in a ton of different options with all kinds of accessories with it as you can see from the photo above. Some comes with earrings, purse, hat, watch, also includes shoes and a color changing HUD option on which ever dress you get. Youre basically getting 4 dresses in one. And get this.. all of it is for 60$L. Thats what I love about Shannon’s creations. Its always classy with great detail and always for a steal of a price so its affordable for basically everyone in Second Life. I chose the Army dress because I fell in love with the hat lol. I wanted to give it a Army/Prison feel. I wanted to feel important I guess or well.. look important rather haha. This outfit also comes with shoes but I chose not to wear them because we all know I suck when it comes to matching my skin. Im not sure why but my skin color is always sooooo hard to match with shoe huds. Therefore I decided to pair it up with some Maryjanes from Reign. Now you could only get them at the Gatcha Fair and Im sure most females got them while they were there. If you didnt though youre in luck because like I said the dress came with shoes anyways so hopefully youre better at matching skin than I am lol. Run on over to Soul and check out these fabulous dresses along with the other things they have for sale too. Shannon just released a new group Gift too thats a freebie and so so so cute so pick that up while youre there too. Until next time I hope everyone has a wonderful day.. muah xoxox


Outfit: !Soul “Buttons Dress” (Army & Hat) {NEW!} -Comes with Lush & Tango Appliers-
Visit them on Marketplace by clicking [here]
Hair: .Ploom. “I can see my halo”
Shoes: *REIGN. “Maryjanes” (Black) [They were available at the Gatcha Event.]

*Just Girly Thangs*


Hey yall! How freaking fantastic is 100 Block this year? I havent even been but I keep seeing pictures of things people are releasing for it and I know whenever I get the chance to stop buy my bank account in SL will be so so so sad afterwards hahaha. Idc though because the things there are going to be so worth it. Today Im bringing to you a freaking FANTASTIC outfit from Pink Sugah. This outfit comes in a bunch of different colors to choose from and I was debating on blogging the hot pink one too, but I thought I blog enough pink stuff so I wanted to switch it up this time and go with the blue because I loved it too. Comes with all the appliers you need for slink feet, booties and boobies. ughdjkhfjhjkas I just love it so much. Also the hair is from Collabor88 this month. LOVEEEEEE both of the hairs from Lamb that was released. I picked them both up but Im wearing “Austin” in this blog post. Just gorgeous! I hope yall go check out both these designers at both events. They are def something you dont want to miss out on. Hope everyone is having a fabulous day/night. Until next time Muahhh xoxoxo


Outfit: .:Pink Sugah:. “Know me” (Electric Blue) {NEW!} @ 100 Block.

Hair: !Lamb. “Austin” {NEW!} @ Collabor88

Feet: Slink Mid Feet


Cause baby Im a dark star.. dark star ★




Jacket: [Cynful] “Cropped Denim Jacket” (Blue) {NEW!} @ 100 Block
Bra: [Cynful] “Deliciosa” (Black)
Jeans: [Cynful] “Skinny Jeans” (Blue)
Hair: [MAG] “Bryna”
Nails: [ S H O C K ] “Fever Nails XXL” (Freebie)
Neck Tattoo: Soulbeats “Tattoo Wisdom”
Shoes: *REIGN. “Never Royal Flip Flops” (Snake)

((*. Lookin’ For That Girl .*))

That girl, she’s the walk on the wild side
She’s the day glow, radio slow ride
Low ride, good time
If you see her, tell her I’m

Lookin’ for that girl, that girl, that girl
Hard to find
Got me spending every night
Lookin’ for that girl, that girl, that girl




Happy first day of April everyone! Today Im bringing to you the newest release from Miss Mercy. This dress comes in a variety of different colors, but I dont do a lot of purple posts lol so I figured Id choose this dress in purple to blog. It makes me in the mood for Easter for some reason. Maybe because of all the pastel colors Mercy offers it in. Not only do you get the dress but Mercy has put these ADORABLE little bows with the dress as well. Normally the bow is positioned on the side of your head, but with my hair like this all pinned up I thought it would be super cute placed in the middle at the top. Therefore I moved it on my head. Also Its a very spring like outfit especially paired up with these FANTASTIC new wedges from Reign. They were available at The Saturday Sale for only 75L$ a piece. I hope everyone went and snagged them up last Saturday because Im not sure how much they are now.  I also found this sim thanks to Jeff Goodnights blog. He posts wonderful blog posts of different sims. If you havent checked it out click [here] to be redirected to his blog. I hope everyone has a wonderful April Fools Day and dont allow anyone to pull some trickery on you lol. *Hugs and kisses all around* Until next time..




Outfit:  Mercy’s Bowtique – Reya Dress Purple

Hair: Truth Hair “Bonnie”

Shoes: *Reign. “Wedge Flip Flops” (Pure)

.xXx. California Love .xXx.




Hey Y’all! This post is for the new bikini from Pink Sugah. You can find it at the Going Bust event. This event runs from March 27th – 31st. This biniki comes in 3 different colors to choose from, blue which you see in this photo, Pink and also Purple. Introductory price will be 99L$ for the event. Summer is coming up and us girls all need as many bikinis as possible for all the summer themed parties Im sure people will be throwing. Get your sexy on and grab these up while you can.



Bikini: .::Pink Sugah::. “Lovefool – Gingham” (Blue) {NEW!} @ Going Bust
Hair: .Ploom. “I can see your Halo”

Glasses: !SOUL (These glasses came with another bikini outfit they are selling)




Early In The Morning

Early In The Morning

Early In The Morning
*Happy Friday My Loves!!* I feel as if I havent blogged in forever although it wasnt that long ago that I did. Weird how that happens and then when you look at your blog you see you did last week lol. Anywho.. I know a lot of people are hating the fact that a lot of designers have went back to prim things to wear to accommodate for the mesh boobs & booties.  At first I wasnt liking it either and was right along with everyone else. I thought that we were going BACK in time instead of progressing and making mesh be able to fit all these booties. Recently though I have been loving these little body suit type dresses/outfits. Although this outfit came with a prim to make it look more like a skirt. I found myself loving it without the prim so it looks like a little shorts outfit. I dont know if Im loving it because its a little more racy or the fact that it shows off my curves better. Either way Im really digging them. What I love about this outfit the most is the fishnet detail in the front where your boob is showing just a little bit. Although I have a hair on that covers most of it so it doesnt look AS risque. It also has some fishnet detail in the back too but not as much as seen in the front. This outfit comes in a ton of different colors and styles to choose from, but I just loved the hot pink so I had to blog it. As for my shoes.. not really much of a shock there that they come from REIGN. If you have me added on Facebook you know how much I love this store, the designers, and their shoes. Ughjhhsdjfakhlfdfkhf its a reallyyyyy badddddd guilty pleasure. Yes.. Ill admit it again. REIGN is my guilty pleasure when it comes to SL clothing and heels. I talked to Illy the other day asking if these heels were just exclusive to Whore Couture and she said that the strapped ones (as seen in this photo) will eventually be available in the main store. The other ones “Trance” she wasnt sure if they would be available later on or not. I hadnt picked up the Strapped ones yet and just decided to go on over to Whore Couture and get them instead of waiting for the release in the main store since even Illy didnt know for sure WHEN they would be released there. Either way BOTH shoes at Whore Couture from REIGN are SOOOOOO WORTH EVERY PENNY and If you havent purchased them yet Idk what the hell you are waiting on. GO GO! Also if you havent joined their group in world.. you need to do so. They are the ONLY group in SL that when they message I dont instantly close it out. The girls in there are SO friendly and we have a blast just talking about random stuff. PLUS the group gifts you get are UH-MAZING! Go join the group nao its also FREE to join for a limited time so do it before its too late.  ( secondlife:///app/group/97b7ac59-1198-78a9-a5a3-01f58cbee3c2/about ) ! Anywho I hope yall have a fabulous weekend and enjoy this post. Until next time.. Ill see yall soon! ♥
Outfit: .::Pink Sugah::. “Walk of Shame” (Hot Pink) {NEW!}  -Includes all appliers for boobs & booties-

Hair: Truth Hair “Lolita” {NEW!} @ Collabor88

Heels: *REIGN. “Strapped Heels” {NEW!} @ WCF!  -You will need Slink Mid Feet for these heels-

Glasses: [Deadly Couture] “Deadly Frames” (Black & Silver)

Makeup: [Curves] “Beauty Makeup Lipstick deep pink”

Ring: [Deadly Couture] “Royalty Rings” (Silver)

Teeth: Cain “Realistic Vampire Fangs V2″

Handbag: LUAS “Clutch Leopard Cross”

*.ElectRic fEEl.*

*.ElectRic fEEl.*

*.ElectRic fEEl.*

*.ElectRic fEEl.*
*.ElectRic fEEl.*

(This Image was found from Pinterest and used as inspiration for this outfit.)


Happy Saturday to everyone! You have no idea how excited I am about this outfit. Ive been on Pinterest for a very long time and Im always finding cute things I wish I could wear in RL on there. I pin them anyways knowing Ill never have them in my RL closet because sometimes I like to try and take inspiration from there and put a outfit together in SL looking almost like it. Ive done this a few times in the past but havent in awhile. One night while in SL I couldnt find anything to wear for the life of me. So of course what do I do? Complain about it on facebook lol. Mercy is so adorable and she said “What do you want to wear? Ill make you something.” Then I thought of this shirt from my pinterest page. I told her she didnt have to make me anything, but I do think that SL needed this shirt. Its so simple but I just loved it. Its comfy looking and something that I think when you have nothing else to wear you can always reach for this because well.. in SL were always looking gorgeous and kinda “woke up like this” lol. She said she would make it. I didnt know she was going to make some amazing, awesome jeans to go with it though so when she sent me the photo of it I got extremely excited. ANDDDDD I then noticed she named it after me and got even MORE excited. See people.. its the little things in life haha. The jeans have a little red detail around the butt so I used it as my accent color. Throwing on some red lipstick, gloves, and these heels I snagged (Thanks to my mama, Angie) from the Friday 55L sale. This outfit is so simple but well made that I wanted to jazz it up with these sexy little heels. I love the fishnet look wrapped around a Ed Hardy type heel. Gives it a bit of an edge.  All in all Im so SUPER stoked about this outfit even though its something so simple. Mercy you are the bestest and I adore and love you so much! Thank you again for taking time out of your day to create this for me. *hugs you up so tight*

*Get the Look* 

Outfit: Mercy’s Bowtique “Flawless Jaden” (Includes top & jeans)
Shoes: !(HR 3.0)! “Certified Translucent Love & War” (Red) [Slink HIGH feet needed]
Hair: fri. “Tatum”
Nails: .::deeR::. “Hand Set #1″
Gloves: [ Cynful ] “Gloves – Red” (Gatcha Item)