Show me what love is



Hey Yall! Gosh Ive been slacking again this month on posts but Im sure October will be filled with them because its Halloween and ITS MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEARR!!!! Today Im bringing to you a dress available in all sorts of colors to choose from by Pink Sugah. I love how the dress wraps around your neck and shows just enough cleavage. So sexy. This hair I also picked up from Ploom when they were having their 50% off sale a couple weeks ago. I hope you all went and snagged some that night because I know I picked up a few. I love how classy this hair is. You could wear it with a dress or even just casually. SO cute! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. <3 See yall next month :)

Dress: .::Pink Sugah::. “Unaware” (Red)

Hair: .Ploom. “Stephie”

*She’ll keep the light on*

“And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.

And shes buying a stairway… to heaven.”




Shirt: [Reloaded] “Zippered Skirt Leather” {NEW!}
Skirt: [Reloaded] “Bustier Top Floral” {NEW!}
Shoes: Reign “Renegade Plats” (Black)
Hair: .Ploom. “Holli”
Bracelets: C h a r y “Gaia Bangles” (Golds)
Rings: [7891.] “Ring Gang” (Gold) {On MarketPlace}
Nails: [Reloaded] “Flutter” {NEW!}

♥ Open Mic Night ♥



Happy Monday Yall! ♥ I hope everyone has a fabulous start to their week and monday comes and goes with ease for you. Today Im wearing one of the many colors this dress from Twenty13 has out. This one was my far my favorite though. I paired it up with these ripped stockings from BabyDoll with are also slink feet compatible so it has your little toes peeping out at the bottom. I dont know why but I just love stockings that have a slink applier. I just think they are so stinking cute. Ive also had these Creeper wedges from Reign for awhile and just never got the chance to wear them. I thought this was the perfect outfit for them. I love how veversatile the HUD is too. You can basically change about everything on them. You got like a numerous amount of different looks with these shoes. You can also change the tongue on the shoe to white so I call them my Michael Jackson shoes. lol they just scream MJ to me for some reason.


Dress:.t13. “Seven Dress? (Orange)
Shoes: FLite. REIGN* “Creepers Wedge” (Black)
Stockings: BabyDoll. “Ripped Stockings” (Black)
Hair: Fri. “Carrie”

*Playin in the hay*




Im pretty sure I wore this outfit a week straight in Second Life. I knew because of that that I should blog it lol. I love this sweater so much. I love the quality and I love the color. Ive been a huge fan of navy blue recently. I think it kinda looks good with my skin tone so Ive been buying a lot of navy stuff recently. The jeans are from Cynful and are available at the Thrift Shop this round. Theres a few options you can choose from but I fell in love with the blue Chevron ones. I just love the Chevron pattern in general. I paired this up with some Reign Petal Hoppers and nails are by Reloaded. Hope yall enjoy this look as much as I do. :)


Shirt: OVH “07 Sweater” (Blue)

Jeans: [Cynful] “Skinny Jeans” (DarkBlue Chevron) {NEW!} @ The Thrift Shop

Hair: *Snoonsiki~ “After School”

Shoes:  REIGN “Petal Hoppers”

Nails: [Reloaded] “Kitty” Fingernail & ToeNails for Slink Hands & Feet. {NEW!} 

(( Are you a Dime Piece? ))

Snapshot_002 (2)



Hey Yall! Im currently at RL work right now and instead of working around here I decided I should blog instead lol. Ive had these blog picture taken for a while now and just never seemed to find the time to upload it to my page. Here it is though and sometimes I think its good when youre at work to kind of take a moment to break away from it and put your mind on something else so that when you go back to thinking about RL work it doesnt make you and frazzled lol. I realized the other day I havent blogged all month. Maybe its because I did so much last month? Im not sure, but I dont think thats it. To be honest I havent been in Second Life as much it seems this month. I met a boy (insert big cheesy grin) and weve went on a few dates but nothing too serious. Hes very sweet and for now I know I enjoy his company when we get the change to see each other. He works very crazy hours in real life and has been sick recently so that has left us little to no time alone but we do keep in touch via facebook so thats always good. Nothing too serious right now but it is nice to meet someone no one else knows. You kinda get to know them from the ground up without anyone chirping in your ear telling you about something they did last month, who theyve dated in the past, who he was hanging out with last night. Its kinda refreshing, especially in Second Life because it seems everyone knows everyone now and you cant just meet someone new and get to know them yourself and make your own judgments. I think thats a lot of the problem with Second Life relationships. You always have someone who knows something about whoever youre talking to and they just HAVE that NEED to tell you everything they know about them. I cant stand those people. The ones you havent talked to in so long and are really just an acquaintance yet they need to come into your life when they find something is different or they need to know the latest gossip therefore they try and get it by spilling the beans about whatever else they find the need to say. Normally what they have to say is never good and automatically puts doubt into your head. Why do those ppl find a need to do those things? Misery just LOVES company and more than likely they are jealous of your happiness. ANYWAYS I totally got off on a tangent there huh? lol Lets get back to the outfit…

Im totally in love with these new Dime Piece Sweatsuits from Cynful. You can pick them up at The Swag Fest and believe me I think they are worth every penny. It comes with a customize HUD so you can change the color of the drawstring, the draw string holes, and you can even have it say something on your booty if you wish. The jacket also comes with a HUD so you can customize the back if you want it to have a design. Theres a few designs to choose from for both the pants and the jacket. Also of course it comes in a few colors to choose from. Here I have on the brown, but I also love the white and the coral color. I had the hardest time choosing which one to blog. I was going to go with coral but I had seen a lot of others blogged that color so I went with the brown instead. This is something I would def wear in rl and I love how it looks so comfy. The hair is by Soonsiki and if you have her added as a friend on Facebook you were anticipating this hair as much as I was. She would upload teasers every few days showing us how it was coming along and I was so excited I could pee my pants. Ive always wanted a good, long, detailed dread hair in SL. Ive found some in the past but the details on this is just flawless. If I could wear this hair all the time I would. Its also available at The Swag Fest and I also believe this is worth your every penny. Reloaded now has a few nail HUDS out for slink hands and feet. This is just one of the options you can choose from. Ill be blogging more of these later but I thought the glitter one went well with this look. Ive included a photo of the HUD for you to see as well. Im a huge lover of Slink Hands & Feet polish. Im sure I have a thousand of them in my inventory. A girl can never change her nail color enough eh?  The tattoo I have on was from one of the rounds at Fi*Friday. Its an owl so of course this was a no brainer for me to run and pick up. I was actually cam shopping before it opened so I could grab this sooner rather than later lol. Heres my thoughts on cam shopping while the sim has its ban lines up. If they didnt want us to cam shop.. they would close the sim down completely lol. I love the detail on this tattoo and I know you can only see the owl in this look but it also has these gorgeous flowers that go down your arm and around on your belly. Ugh dlksfjl;ajsdf;ja fd was totally worth the money. LOVE LOVE LOVE this tattoo. But hey.. thats kinda a given because its an owl. :)

Phew! I typed a freaking book for yall. Im sure not everyone read it lol but if you did Thank you. Thank you for continuing to support me, my blog, and thank you to my designers for allowing me to blog for your stores. It truly means the world to me. :) I hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday. Todays my friday basically at work so Im off for the next two days. \O/

and as always.. until next time…


[[Get the look]]

Outfit: [Cynful] “Dime Piece Sweatpants & Sweatshirt” {NEW!} @ Swag Fest
Hair: *Snoonsiki~ “Raindance” {NEW!} @ Swag Fest
Nails: [Reloaded] “Glitter Nails Pastel Pack” {NEW!} (For Slink Hands & Feet)
Tattoo: TattooMania “Flower Owl” {NEW!}

The Fairest of them all.




Hey Yall! This is a new exclusive from Pink Sugah for the Going Bust Event. This event will start on August 28th (today) and run for two weeks. Some rules have changed for this event though so listen closely. The items are no longer located outside the individual stores on the sim. They are all located at a central location. All items are L$100 or less, and this is a discount event for everyone. I love this dress from PS. The little anchors are so cute. Im a huge fan of them and find myself reaching for items with anchors on them in second life. Hurry and run on over to the Going Bust event and check out all the other stores on the sim and pick up some things. I know where Im going today after I get home from work :) Yall have a wonderful thursday!! ♥



Dress: .:Pink Sugah:. “Bombshell” (Black Anchors) {NEW!} @ Going Bust

Hair: .Ploom. “Carrie”

Heels: *REIGN. “Malice Heels”

Necklace: MG “Necklace Pearls” (Black)

*Drunk Lifeguard on Duty*






Ahhhh!! I dont know why I havent blogged these poses sooner. gahh! I LOVE THEM! Anywho.. these are all fabulous poses you can get at the HeatWave Gatcha event from Something New. All these poses and props you see come with the pose. There were two other poses  I didnt post but they are couples poses and I didnt get a chance to do them. SUPER CUTE poses btw.. so you need to hurry over before the 30th and snag them. In the last picture I got drunk on my floatie and lost my top. Tequila really does make her clothes fall off. ;) The bikini comes with the flip flops and another pair of sneakers. They fit Slink feet too. I was sooooo impressed with this outfit because I was just in a rush to find something fast that was along the lines of a lifeguard type thing. Browsing MP I found this. Top and bottoms are both mesh.. extremely well made, comes with a couple props (which arent used in these photos) and two different kinds of shoes. SO SO CUTE and only 199L.


Bikini: Kotora Blue “Little Red Lifeguard FitMesh Bikini”
Hair: Truth Hair “Nissa”
Pose #1: .:Something New:. “Babe Watch Beauty 1″ {NEW!} @ HeatWave Gatcha Event
Pose #2: .:Something New:. “Babe Watch Beauty 2″ (Rare Gatcha) {NEW!} @ HeatWave Gatcha Event
Pose #3: .:Something New:. “Handstand 4″ {NEW!} @ HeatWave Gatcha Event
Pose#4: .:Something New:. “Purple Float Couple” (Rare Gatcha) {NEW!} @ HeatWave Gatcha Event
Pose #5: .:Something New:. “Orange Float” {NEW!} @ HeatWave Gatcha Event