Love & Decor ♥






Hey everyone! Today Im bringing to you something a little different. Ive never did a decor blog post and today I tried my hand with it. Ive never been big into decorating like a lot of amazing bloggers I see because.. well I just dont think Im that fantastic at it to be honest lol. When I seen Twenty13 came out with this cuteeeeee little setup though I figured Id give it a go and see how it turned out. Im actually pretty impressed with myself lol. All the things you see in this post that are Twenty13 related are Gatcha items. I didnt use everything in this set up that you can possibly snag in the machine, but I did use most of it. I also threw in a couple other things from Floorplan and Mesh Nation to change it up a bit. The seat you see me sitting on has 6 built in animations to choose from and Im showing you 2 of the 6 in this post. Im wearing my Maitreya body and just using the lingerie it comes with so nothing special about the clothing. Hair is from Ploom and if youre interested just lemme know and I can tell you what its called. I just really wanted to showcase the decor in this blog post rather than the clothing/hair etc. You can snag all these gatcha items by clicking [HERE] I hope this blog post wasnt a bust and yall think I did horrible with the decor. And if you do just keep in mind Im not a home decorator and I gave it my best shot lol. Happy Thirsty Thursday!! ♥


.Twenty13. Love Decor – Heart Cushion Pouf -RARE
.Twenty13. Love Decor -Wall Mounted Desk
.Twenty13. Love Decor – 3 Hearts on Sticks
.Twenty13. Love Decor – Trophy- Against All Odds
.Twenty13. Love Decor – Love Wall
.Twenty13. Love Decor – Wall Frame
.Twenty13. Love Decor – Lust- RARE
.Twenty13. Love Decor – XOXOXO Wall

Floorplan – Eiffel Tower Marquee

Floorplan -  I love you Canvas

Mesh Nation
Cluster of Candles

There’s a story in her eyes.



Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone had a great start to the week yesterday. Im having a second snow day so instead of being at rl work Im just sitting at home catching up on blogging. Today Im just going to be talking about some gorgeous eyes that Twenty13 has released. There are 20 different color options and Im showing you four of the 20 today. Stream is a gorgeous icy blue color, Mocha is this super pretty light brown. Around the edges you see this brown mocha color, Meadow is a green which looks great against dark skin tones and hair. Ive always been a fan of tan skin and dark hair with green eyes. They just pop against those colors. And last but not least we have Moon which is this grey color. I think Moon is my favorite out of these four colors. These eyes come with mesh AND a regular eye layer. Twenty13 has also put out a demo for these eyes so you can try them before you buy which ever color you want. You can grab the demo here.. [ Click me ] I have also included a photo of all the color options Brae has released. I didnt take that photo though, I grabbed it from the Twenty13 website. If you would like to visit the website you can click here [ Click me ] I hope you enjoy this post.. sorry it doesnt include other things, but I just wanted to showcase how fabulous these eyes are. Everyone have a wonderful Tuesday and as always.. until next time..


.Twenty13. “Realistic Mesh Eyes Optimal”

*Dressed like a Daydream*


Hey Ya’ll!! Im one super happy girl today because its been snowing since 7am this morning and its not 4:15pm and its STILL snowing. If you know me you know how ecstatic that makes me. Living in the south we never get much snow at all.. so when we do it makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. Any who.. The other day I finally got into Collabor88 and I wasnt seeing much I wanted until I came across these little beaut of a outfit. The top and pants are from Ison at this round of C88. The necklace can also be found there and it comes with a HUD for a variety of different color options to choose from. The handbag I was lucky enough to still be able to snag as a freebie for being in the FaMESHed group. This was Reigns freebie for January, but when I was there the other day this was still out. Im not sure if it will stay out or if they just havent went and picked it up yet. So if you havent snagged this little cutie then you need to. It comes in a few different color options as well. I actually have a handbag like this in RL so I fell in love instantly. Heels are from Glamistry and as ive said in the past these heels just keep continuing to amaze me. If you havent checked out their store youre totally missing out. I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to their week. I know I totally am even though its monday. Plus weather was too bad to get to work so it was a total win win for me. \O/ Anyways I have a few blog posts that will be rolling out this week so be on the lookout for them and until next time..


Shirt: ISON “Serino Leather Jacket” (Blood) {NEW!} @ Collabor88
Pants: ISON “Tova Leather Leggings (Coal) {NEW!} @ Collabor88
Hair: Truth Hair “Lagertha”
Heels: Glamistry “Angelica Heels”
Necklace:n MG “Necklace – Flower Heart” {NEW!} @ Collabor88
Handbag: *REIGN. “Sparkle Bags” (FaMESHed January Gift) {NEW!}

*There’s a Neon Light at the end of the tunnel*


Hey everyone!! I wish I had something really cool to talk about today, but I just dont. I havent blogged since the last of January and my creativity is running low. Sometimes I get like that but soon the creative juices start flowing again and Im popping out post after post and have really cool and funny things to talk about. Ive just been in a VERY EXTREMELY lazy mood recently. Please dont hurt me.. hopefully my next post will be more exciting when it comes to what I talk about. As for this look the top is from MoDanna and comes in a variety of different colors to choose from. The Leggings are something Im sure every female in SL owns. They were at Kustom9 the last round. I hope everyone picked them up because if not.. you missed out. UNLESS they are now in the main store. Im not sure, but you can check and see. The hair is new from Mina and available at FaMESHed this round. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair. Its a must have.. so so so cute! The heels are from Glamistry. The are at the main store and I just keep falling in love with these shoes Glamistry continues to put out. The quality is absolutely FANTASTIC and look like rl shoes. Its insane!! Comes with a HUD so you can customize the shoes to how you want them. They are just fabulous!! I hope everyone is having a thirsty thursday!!! The weeks almost over yall! You got this!! And as always until next time..


Shirt: MoDANNA “Long Blouse” (Pink) Dimanche Collection. {NEW!}
Pants: Bueno “Leggings” (Black)
Hair: MINA “Peggy” {NEW!} @ FaMESHed
Shoes: Glamistry “Calystegia Heels”

The Red Pill or Blue? You decide. ♥

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Hey yall! Today I combined two looks into one post. I figured it was something a lil different and gave you some variety in one post. Its a two’fer. \O/ lol. Kustom9 and N21 has taken all my damn money these past couple weeks it seems. I just keep going back to get more stuff and still have a couple more things I want to buy. Im sure yall have seen these shirts and jeans in a ton of different blogs, but I wanted to blog them too so yeah.. get off me lol. I love how both of these looks are close but so different too. In one I feel like a lil farmer kinda lol. Got my checkered shirt on, boots, and I feel like Im ready to go out to a country bar and dance with my red solo cup in the air swaying back and forth. On the other hand the other look makes me feel like Im ready to hop on the back of a bike and head to Charming. I love the shadows on the Blueberry shirt too. It  makes my boobs look fantastic lol. The jeans are a must have in any females sl closet. These Bueno jeans are just fucking fantastic. I think every girl owns them or the leggings at least anyways that was at the last round of Kustom9. And you know how great these are. I have them in almost every color. Stupid me should have just went ahead and bought the damn fatpack, but I didnt. I love both these hairs I have on in these looks. One is from Soonsiki and its at N21 and the other is Truth and its at UBer. Both once again a must have for every female. The Truth hair comes with a little attachment across your forehead which you dont have to attach. Which is good because I almost passed up this hair because of it. Then I realized I didnt have to wear it so that was a WIN! Basically what Im trying to get across to yall in this post is if you havent been to N21 or Kustom9 this round you need to run. Run as fast as your little TP will take you. I promise you wont be disappointed. I hope everyone has a fabulous day and as always until next time..


*Look #1*

Shirt: Foxes “Boyfriend Shirt” (Check Red) {NEW!} @ N21
Jeans: Bueno “Skinny Jeans” (Indigo) {NEW!} @ Kustom9
Hair: *Soonsiki~ “Breeze” {NEW!} @ N21
Shoes: REIGN “Not Your Momma’s Knit Boots”

*Look #2*

Shirt: Blueberry “Nicole” (Both Black & White versions are used in this photo) {NEW!} @ N21
Jeans: Bueno “Skinny Jeans” (Black) {NEW!} @ Kustom9
Shoes: FLite “Originals Goverment” {NEW!}
Hair: Truth Hair “Esther” {NEW!} @ UBer

Dressed to impress.


A few weeks ago I was sent this lovely dress from a dear friend, Jeff. Hes the owner of the store Goodnight Gear. He named this dress “Sofia” and its so fitting too because it just radiates class. And when I think of classy women in Second Life I always think of his wife and my friend, Sofia. It reminds me of something you could wear to a nice day at the office or maybe even a holiday work party. This dress fit wonderfully on my Maitreya Lara Body. It also comes in different colors to choose from. I was going to blog the red because I just love my avi in anything red, but then decided to go with the black and dress it up a little. On my birthday I was sent a few items from Sofia as well from her store called Zee. In this post Im blogging two of the items she sent me. The first one is a big silver pair of hoop earrings and the second is this adorable pandora style bracelet. The detail on this bracelet is gorgeous! The dangle charms and the spacers are a perfect accessory to any outfit and I thought with it being in blue it gave my outfit a lil pop of color in a place you wouldnt expect. The other gorgeous new items she sent me will be used in later blog posts so be on the lookout for them. Id like to thank both Jeff & Sofia for allowing me to blog these gorgeous items. ♥ The heels are a newer release from Glamistry. I cant tell you enough how much I love this stores heels. They have versions for the slink feet and other mesh bodies as well. Im wearing these with my slink high feet. The quality of these heels are to die for. They are simply amazing. They come with a color changing HUD too so the possibilities are endless. I went with a classic black and the silver metal. Yes you even have 3 options for the metal piece as well. And no business attire is complete without your perfect Louis Vuitton handbag. I was searching marketplace last  night for a nice bag to pair up with this outfit and came across this. The designer has a couple different designer look handbags and this one also comes in a white color as well. I went with the classic brown LV look because thats the color its mainly known for and I figured it gave the look some flare. With my coffee in hand Im ready for my first day at the office. I hope you all enjoy this look as much as I did putting it together. Have a fabulous Thursday everyone and until next time..


Dress: Goodnight Gear “Mesh Sofia Dress” (Black) {NEW!} 
Hair: Truth Hair “Chynna”
Shoes: Glamistry “Ramonda Heels” {NEW!}
Earrings: Zee “Large Silver Hoops” {NEW!}
Bag: HOVC “LV1″
Bracelet: Zee “Pandora Style Bracelet” {NEW!}