She will imprint your heart. ♥

“I will leave such an imprint on your heart

that anyone you entertain

after me will have to know me in order to

understand you.”




Too many times we compromise our worth and apologize for our standards and before we know it we’re tolerating people and/or situations we never thought we would. Then we wonder why. Never accept in your life an inconvenience that you would never put on to someone else. Establish your boundaries and stick to them. Don’t compromise them for anyone unless you’re willing to compromise the quality of your mental happiness. Keep quality company for a quality life.


Outfit: MoDANNA “Jumpsuit White Birds” (Bruxelles Collection) {NEW!}
Hair: Lamb “Austin”
Shoes: REIGN “Katya Flats”
Nails: Twenty13 “Calliope” {NEW!}
Pose: Something New “Hidden Library Bottled” {NEW!}

Her Best Friend



Happy Monday everyone! I hope all the mothers out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday. I spent biggest part of the weekend in real life. Spending time with family and my parents. Eating horrible food for me.. and by horrible I mean absolutely fantastic tasting lol. All in all it was a fantastic weekend and now Im ready to get back to my SL and do some blogging for yall. Today Im bringing to you this complete outfit from Twenty13. The shirt and shorts come as a pair and its 50% off at the Spring Fling Event. Comes in a ton of colors to choose from and some of the shirts has sayings and quotes on them. So adorable. The doggy pose you see is created by my lovely friend Ally. The prop and pose come together and the dog is totes adorable!! I hope yall enjoy!! And have a wonderful start to your week. <3


Outfit: Twenty13 “Kirsten Outfit” {NEW!} @ Spring Fling Event. AND 50% off :]
Hair: Truth Hair “Willa”
Pose: Something New “Doggy Treats 1″ {NEW!}

The Red Room



*Happy Thursday!!* In this look Im bringing to you today is the group gift featured from MoDanna. Its this cute pencil skirt that comes in different colors. It paired with this top from MoDanna is the perfect look. The top will be 30% off for the whole month to complete your look for very cheap. And Reign released these CUTE heels as a fatpack for 50L last friday for Fifty Linden Friday. I hope everyone snagged them because they are fabulous!!


Top: MoDanna “Peplum top” (Black) [Duality Collection]
Skirt: MoDanna Pencil Skirt Black [Group Gift for May]
Heels: Reign “Karizma Pumps”  @ 50 linden fridays
Hair: Moon.Hair “Guy Tang” {NEW!}Uber

I was five, and he was six.

Music played, and people sang
Just for me the church bells rang
Now he’s gone, I don’t know why
Until this day sometimes I cry
He didn’t even say Goodbye
He didn’t take the time to lie

Bang bang. My baby shot me down


Hello to everyone and Happy May! Is it just me or does this year seem to be speeding by? Before we know it it’ll be Halloween and not that I mind since thats my favorite time of the year. It just seems as though the older I get the faster years go by. Its kinda sad really when you think about it. Growing up too forever and a day to me as a child.. now I wish I could just stop time and relax and soak it all in for a moment. Anywho… Today Im wearing the very 1920’ish look brought to you by Pink Sugah. Tara created this for The Gangsta Fair thats going on and I love it. Im a HUGE lover of Bonnie & Clyde and that whole era so this excited me. Sadly I still havent gotten around to even visiting this fair yet and I need to before its over. She also has a gatcha item out and its the garter you see here and it comes with a little gun. I have on the red & black but they also have other colors you can try your luck at. The Gangsta Fair will be open up until May 15th so you still have a few days to run and check everything out.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week.. and lovely humpday. Weekend is right around the corner so just hold on a little bit more.




Outfit: .:Pink Sugah:. “Bonnie” (Black) {NEW!} @ The Gangsta Fair
Garter: .:Pink Sugah:.  “Gangsta Fair Gatcha”
Hair: Little Bones “AirWaves”
may 15th

*Iced Coffee & Milkshakes*



Good afternoon everyone! Can we just talk about how adorable this little girl is in this photo? Meet Averie.. shes 3 and full of smiles and happiness. Dont touch her weaves though.. she might be but little.. but she is fierce and will hurt you. She also loves to grab old nasty gum off whatever people put it on and keep it in her pocket for later. You have to be careful or sometimes she will try and chew it. Since she didnt eat any chewed gum today I treated her to a milkshake while I drank some Iced Coffee. Her milkshake was Peanut Butter with EXTRA peanut butter. She downed it all so fast I barely got the chance to snap this photo of us. She is 1/2 of the cutest twins ever in Second Life. So tiny, sweet, and delicate with BIG personalities and even bigger hearts. She is a total princess and has stolen my heart. (Dont worry though.. the other half to this cute little bundle of love will be featured in another blog post.)

This pose can be found at The Pose Fair. Its a cute family creation from the lovely Miss Ally at Something New Props & Poses. This pose is called “My Milkshake” and it comes with everything you see here. The prop and the background and milkshakes and everything. Its absolutely adorable and if you have little ones in your Second Life you will need this pose in your life. Thank you Miss Ally for creating something so adorable. ♥

If youre wondering what I have on in this post.. Its the dresses from Rebel Hope at Fameshed. :)


*I feel a sin coming on*

And you can see it
All over my face
Sweet temptation
All over the place
Give me tall dark and handsome,
Mix it up with something strong
I feel a sin (I feel a sin) comin’ onSnapshot_002


*Get the look*

Outfit: Cynful Clothing & Co. “Hoodie Dress” (Light Grey) {NEW!} @ 100 Block
Hair: [enVOGUE] “Jessica”
Shoes: REIGN “Hermosa Wedges”
Pose: Something New “Absolute Perfection” {NEW!}

*Hoppy Easter!*


*Happy Easter from two of the three Cordis women.*

My mom was so wonderful and helped me with this photo. This is a gorgeous pose from Something New for Easter. She is having a sale on all the Easter poses so you need to go and check them out. They are absolutely adorable. Shes even made a big family pose for Easter. SO SO SO Cute. This is the “Happy Easter Couple” pose. Obviously I am single so big thanks to my mom for taking this photo with me. LOVE YOU! ♥

.x. Return Of The Mack .x.



*Happy Easter Everyone!!* Normally a blog post on Easter contains something about Easter right? Well… not for me!!! :D Reign made these FABULOUS Derby Heels for the April group gift and it put me in a mood and took me back to when I used to be a huge skater when I was younger. I swear.. I lived at our local skating rink. Most of my childhood memories come from there. So I found this cute skating rink in world and started taking pictures for this blog post. Jam skating was my favorite and thats why I chose “Return of the Mack” for the title of this song because it was my FAVORITE to jam skate to back then. This song would come on and Id skate so fast to the floor so I could skate to it. I know.. so lame right? But it was so much fun. I love this skating place in sl too because even the carpet looks just like my old skating rink. That black with the colorful swirly lines in it. Just so much nostalgia came rushing back as soon as I tp’d to this place. So.. Thank you to the Reign designers for taking me back to my childhood with these little heels. Theyve totally made my day! Links are posted below on how to achieve this look and where everything came from. Happy Shopping!!


*Get the look*

Shirt: Tee*fy “Joan boyfriend tank top” (Painted) {NEW!} @ N21

Bra: Tee*fy “Joan Bra top” {NEW!} @ N21

Pants: MoDANNA “Leather Leggings” (Black) [Stefani Collection] {NEW!} 

Shoes: REIGN “Derby Heels” {NEW!} April Group Gift! 

Hair: Truth Hair “Willa” {NEW!}