Lilac Sky

“You were red. You liked me cause I was blue.

You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky and

you decided purple just wasn’t for you.”Snapshot_014


*Get the look*  

Dress: MoDANNA “Pencil Dress” (Purple) [Munster Collection] {NEW!} @ Whore Couture
Heels: .:Pink Sugah:. “Believer” (Dotty Black) {NEW!} @ Whore Couture
Hair: Lamb. “Stranger” {NEW!} @ N21





Today Im mainly bringing to you these cuteee heels from Pink Sugah thats at Whore Couture right now and a new pose from Something Erotic. These heels come in different colors, but the catch is there will only be 25 of each color sold.. and once they are gone they are gone. I love the detail with the little bow on top of the shoe. Its tooooooo cute!


*Get the look*

Heels: .:Pink Sugah:. “Believer” (Natural Leo) {NEW!} @ Whore Couture [Limited Only 25 of each color will be sold.]
Pose: Something Erotic “Broken Angel” {New!}

You got me lifted shifted higher than the ceiling.




Shirt: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Tittie Top” (Pink)
Jacket: Blueberry “Shoulder Jacket” (Black)
Hair: Soonsiki “Breeze”
Skirt: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “P.A.C. Leather Skirt” (Black) {NEW!}
Shoes: [Cynful] Clothing & Co “P.A.C. Chain Heels” (Black) {NEW!}
Nails: [Cynful] Clothing & Co (comes in the heels box) {NEW!}
Pose: Something New “Miss Diva Exclusive Poses” {NEW!} @ Vanity Fair -in the bottom pic two poses from Something New were used. The top picture is not from this set of poses- 

*Touchdown Mustangs!*


Hello all you gorgeous people! Thanks once again for always supporting me and my blog. Today Im coming to you with a special post. As most of you know I am a cheerleaders for The Mustangs football team. My wifey Marlo created this team and at first wanted me to be a football player. Well.. as you know I SUCKKK when it comes to sports or giving a shit about them unless its some Kentucky Basketball and I kept telling her no. Id be the one weirdo out on the field looking lost and not knowing where to go. Finally she talked me into joining the cheerleading squad if they decided to have one. Well.. they did and I did and here I am lol. Ive always wanted to cheer in SL because I thought it would be something different and a new experience to try and wow it totally is. The other good thing I think about cheering is it branches you out and gets you to meet new friends. Im so lucky to have the girls I do on the team with me because they are all so lovely and sweet. And now… I have 14 new friends I didnt have before. We have fun and put on a damn good half time show at every game. OH and we look soo super cute while doing it. If you have ever thought about cheering on SL and have the time to dedicate to it I highly suggest trying it. You have absolutely nothing to lose and tons of friends and fun to gain. I was sent these shirts by the wonderful Greg Stella. He is also a football player on the Mustangs and hes created these shirts for the fans. No one wants to go to a football game not covered from head to toe in the colors youre supporting right? So today Im bringing to you three of the females shirts the girls can purchase to cheer on our team. They have male shirts as well and ALSO some freaking FANTASTIC sweats you can purchase with the Mustangs logo on them. Omg I love love love those pants. They are made for males but Ive heard females can pull them off as well. Just make sure you try on the demo before purchasing. These items are made so well with great quality at a affordable price. To be taken to The Mustangs Store you can click >>here<< There you will also find other jerseys from the players on the team you can buy, wear, and support. What are you waiting on? Our next game is March 22, 2015 and its against the Cobras. You have until then to buy some fantastic gear to rock and support us. Please do because not only will you look fabulous but it helps out the team as well with funds. :) I hope everyone is having a fabulous day and Id like to thank Greg once again for sending me these shirts to blog for everyone. ♥


*Just Jaden*



Ahhh!! Im so excited to bring this blog post to yall. Ive had it saved to my blog but havent gotten around to actually writing anything and posting it. I have some free time and figured now is the moment to get it out there. I was sent this GORGEOUS top from Mr Jeff Goodnight a few weeks ago. I get sent things all the time from people so I just accepted it, stuck it in my “Need to blog” folder and more than likely signed out of SL without paying any attention at all. Then a couple days later the lovely Sofia post her in this same shirt saying it was called “Jaden” only then did I realize it was NAMED AFTER MEEEE!!!! Omg I got so excited. I love when things are named after me and especially when they are SO STINKIN CUTE! Thank you so much Jeff.. you totally made my day by simply putting my name to this. This shirt comes with a TON of different looks and HUDs to choose from. My eyes instantly fell in love with this print though and I knew it was the one I wanted to blog for you. The back is low cut too and its so sexy and revealing without being total skanky hoe lol. Just my type of top ;) hahahah. I paired it up with these AMAZING low rise leggings from Cynful which also come in a butt ton of different colors and also come with slink appliers. I cant get enough of these leggings and have been wearing them the past couple weeks in SL 1.) because Ive been too lazy to change and 2.) because they are just amazeballs. Also the sunglasses are new and from Glamistry. Normally Glamistry only creates heels but they have branched out and made these totally adorable glasses that are perfect for spring. The HUD that comes with these things are perfect! You can honestly change every little detail about them from color to diamond color on the side of them.  My hair Ive also been wearing all week and refuse to change. Its the new hair at N21 this round from Lamb. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS HAIR! Its totally work running to N21 right now and picking up if you havent already. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start shopping nao!! I hope you enjoyed this look and as always until next time..



Top: Goodnight Gear “Jaden Mesh Loose Tank” (Prints) {NEW!} Tysm Jeff ♥

Pants: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Low Rise Leggings” (Pink) Tysm♥

Glasses: Glamistry “Sunglasses” {NEW!} Tysm ♥

Hair: Lamb. “Bunny” {NEW!} @ N21

Love & Decor ♥






Hey everyone! Today Im bringing to you something a little different. Ive never did a decor blog post and today I tried my hand with it. Ive never been big into decorating like a lot of amazing bloggers I see because.. well I just dont think Im that fantastic at it to be honest lol. When I seen Twenty13 came out with this cuteeeeee little setup though I figured Id give it a go and see how it turned out. Im actually pretty impressed with myself lol. All the things you see in this post that are Twenty13 related are Gatcha items. I didnt use everything in this set up that you can possibly snag in the machine, but I did use most of it. I also threw in a couple other things from Floorplan and Mesh Nation to change it up a bit. The seat you see me sitting on has 6 built in animations to choose from and Im showing you 2 of the 6 in this post. Im wearing my Maitreya body and just using the lingerie it comes with so nothing special about the clothing. Hair is from Ploom and if youre interested just lemme know and I can tell you what its called. I just really wanted to showcase the decor in this blog post rather than the clothing/hair etc. You can snag all these gatcha items by clicking [HERE] I hope this blog post wasnt a bust and yall think I did horrible with the decor. And if you do just keep in mind Im not a home decorator and I gave it my best shot lol. Happy Thirsty Thursday!! ♥


.Twenty13. Love Decor – Heart Cushion Pouf -RARE
.Twenty13. Love Decor -Wall Mounted Desk
.Twenty13. Love Decor – 3 Hearts on Sticks
.Twenty13. Love Decor – Trophy- Against All Odds
.Twenty13. Love Decor – Love Wall
.Twenty13. Love Decor – Wall Frame
.Twenty13. Love Decor – Lust- RARE
.Twenty13. Love Decor – XOXOXO Wall

Floorplan – Eiffel Tower Marquee

Floorplan -  I love you Canvas

Mesh Nation
Cluster of Candles

There’s a story in her eyes.



Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone had a great start to the week yesterday. Im having a second snow day so instead of being at rl work Im just sitting at home catching up on blogging. Today Im just going to be talking about some gorgeous eyes that Twenty13 has released. There are 20 different color options and Im showing you four of the 20 today. Stream is a gorgeous icy blue color, Mocha is this super pretty light brown. Around the edges you see this brown mocha color, Meadow is a green which looks great against dark skin tones and hair. Ive always been a fan of tan skin and dark hair with green eyes. They just pop against those colors. And last but not least we have Moon which is this grey color. I think Moon is my favorite out of these four colors. These eyes come with mesh AND a regular eye layer. Twenty13 has also put out a demo for these eyes so you can try them before you buy which ever color you want. You can grab the demo here.. [ Click me ] I have also included a photo of all the color options Brae has released. I didnt take that photo though, I grabbed it from the Twenty13 website. If you would like to visit the website you can click here [ Click me ] I hope you enjoy this post.. sorry it doesnt include other things, but I just wanted to showcase how fabulous these eyes are. Everyone have a wonderful Tuesday and as always.. until next time..


.Twenty13. “Realistic Mesh Eyes Optimal”