Just a girl and her teddy.

“A strong woman can also be submissive. It doesn’t make her weak,

it makes her stronger than most. Putting your body into the hands of someone else…

That takes balls.”




Good Monday Morning!! Lets get a fabulous start to this week started with a little somethin somethin from Pink Sugah at this round of Bewbapalooza. Tara has been busy in RL recently and hasnt been around as much but found time to make us this adorable little sexy lingerie. Comes with appliers and different colors to choose from. I loved this one and the pink and violet one. I had a hard time figuring out which one I wanted to blog, but when in doubt.. always lean towards black I say lol. The pose in the middle photo is from Something Erotic. It comes with the teddy bear prop as well. The bottom picture isnt a pose from SE but I kept the teddy prop in it as well. There are 2 teddy pose props Ally released, but you can only find #2 in this post. The other youre going to have to swing by the shop to see… and its adorable I must say. Sexy.. yet adorable and a must have :] This hair was a new one from Little Bones at The Hair Fair. I really hope you went to snag this baby up because it comes in two versions. You can either have it braided on the side or shaved. I love it.. and I love her ombre hair hud. So gorgeous. Im actually debating on going from black hair in SL to this.. I think this dark brown is fitting. And maybe it is time for a change?


Lingerie: .:Pink Sugah:. “Come & Get It” (Noir) {NEW!} @ Bewbapalooza
Hair: Little Bones “Cosmos” {NEW!} @ The Hair Fair
Stockings: Babydoll “Ripped Stockings” (White)
Pose: Something Erotic “Me and my Teddy 1″  (Middle picture pose ONLY)

*Standing in the Storm*

“She stood in the storm and when the wind

did not blow her way she adjusted her sails.”




Hello to all you lovelies. Today I have a couple events I want to talk to you about. First off and most importantly The Lexi Project. If you have a SL Facebook Im sure youve heard of this event going on. This event is benefiting Lexi Zelin, owner of AngelRED, who was just diagnosed with cancer. 100% of all the sales will be given to Lexi to help while she fights this battle. Its so incredible to me that people in Second Life stand up and support, love, and care about people the way we do. You wouldnt really think that in this big SL world would we find such amazing people, but we do. And we cherish them, and are always willing to help with whatever we can when they are hurting. Its so beautiful. This event started July 26th. Tons of great designers have came together to help Lexi out in this time of need. Please be sure to hop on over tomorrow and grab some things to help her out. ♥  Also.. The Magna Fair started July 19th and runs through August 9th. That is where this adorable outfit I have on right now can be purchased. When MoDanna released this collection I was so ecstatic. How freaking adorable is this? Theres a lot of patterns to choose from and I had a hard time putting an outfit together from it because I just love them all. You can mix and match all the options a ton of different ways. MoDanna never disappoints me when it comes to new things they release. Its became one of my favorite stores very quickly. I just adore their items. And lastly the Hair Fair for 2015.. it ends today so you must run over while you can and grab all the goodies you can before its gone. I was rush shopping yesterday when I was told that it ends Sunday. I was in a flop panic sweat to teleport over there so fast, rushing through all the people trying to grab the main ones I wanted. And I LOVEE this hair that I have on here.. so stinkin adorable. So with all that being said.. ill stop writing so you can go shop! And dont forget to stop over by The Lexi Project most importantly. Hope everyone is doing well. Love you all!! ♥


Shirt: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Halter Top” (White)
Jacket: MoDANNA [Sakura Collection] “Pastel Jacket” (Lemon) {NEW!} @ Manga Fair
Skirt: MoDANNA [Sakura Collection] “Slit Micro-Skirt” (Stripes) {NEW!} @ Manga Fair
Hair: Runaway “Waterfall Hair” {NEW!} @ The Hair Fair 2015
Shoes: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “P.A.C. Chain Heels” (White) @ The Lexi Project
Tie: MoDANNA [Sakura Collection] “Tie” (Unicorn) {NEW!} @ Manga Fair

Somebody’s Poem

“She said that she always wanted to be a poet, but I can tell deep down all

she really wanted was to be somebody’s poem.”



Hello all my loves! ♥ I have been so in love with dressing up recently in dresses and feeling fancy. I like to hang out in my room and just twirl and twirl around.. don’t judge me. It makes me remember back to when you were little and your mom would put you in that big dress with the poofy skirt and you’d sit and do circles, looking down watching the dress fan out. You’d do it so much you’d end up getting dizzy in the end lol. Anyone else do that? Was it just me? If so… you missed out because THAT was fun. And at that time as a little girl I felt so fabulous and just like a princess. I wish life was still that simple. Wondering what dress you were gonna wear to church or on Easter Sunday and how big and fluffy you could get the dress lol. I even had lace gloves I wore haha. Seriously.. stop judging me. I was cute lol. Oh if I could only go back to the early 90’s Id be a happy girl. If I had the chance to go back and do it all over again would I change anything? Not one single solitary thing. Why? Because as cliche as it sounds all those moments, memories, heartbreaks, made me the woman I am today and without all those who know what kind of person I would be.

Okay.. enough rambling Jaden get to the point of the blog post. So like I said I’ve been loving dresses in SL recently which is something I don’t normally own or wear a lot of. Twenty13 released this new dress that of course comes with a fabulous hud so you can change the colors of it to suit whatever occasion you wanted. There’s solid colors and also patterns. I went with a solid black, because.. well.. y’all know how much I love my black clothing. Plus I just wanted to wear my red lipstick because I think my avi looks better in it. So what better way to get a chance to wear it than with a little black dress. WHICH by the way.. EVERY female should own one and why not get one that has a butt ton of color options to fit your every need? The hair I paired it up with is a oldie but goodie from Exile. Ill forever love this hair. I don’t know if its the color I like about it so much or the style.. either way I always find myself going back to it so many months later. Now the heels.. I post the other day about those AMAZINGGGGG Reign Saturday Sale Peep Toe heels.. remember? Yes. Okay.. well I told you I bought 3 of the 4 options you could choose from and these are the Zebra print ones. I love zebra print. I always have and always will.. so my eyes are ALWAYS drawn to anything Zebra when it comes to SL. Its a Zebra print with a cute red heel and sole. Ugh.. I just love them so stinkin much and I really hope you went and snagged them before they were gone. The pose and prop I’m using in the top photo with the Piano is from Something Erotic which is my lovely friend, Miss Allys store. You get the piano and the pose in this little bundle of cuteness. I’ve been meaning to find a way to blog this and tonight I thought it was fitting enough to use in this post. If you haven’t checked out Something New/Erotic for props and poses you’re missing out, because Ally’s poses are seriously some of my favorites out there. Shes always finding rl photos and turning them into sl poses for us to use.


Dress: Twenty13 “Terani Sundress” {NEW!}
Hair: Exile “Crazy In Love”
Shoes: REIGN “Pattern Peeps” (Zebra) {NEW!} @ Saturday Sale 07.11.15
Pose: Something Erotic “Sweet Ballerina”

☼ Every Summer has its own Story ☼

Of course I am not worried about 

intimidating men. 

The type of man who will be intimidated 

by me is exactly the type of man

I have no interest in. 


Good Morning, punkin butts. ♥ Since its Summer Time I figured a bikini blog was needed. Well.. I think this is my second one so far? *thinks..* I cant remember lol. Anywho.. MoDanna released a ton of bikinis for Julys round at AnyBODY. I was drawn to this one because for some reason Im loving peachy/coral/nude colors on my skin tone. And I love the stripes on this too. I paired it up with those cuteeee new Blueberry shorts. The shorts come with a built in bikini, but I used the one without it and added the bottoms to the MoDanna bikini instead. Those shorts are to die for and in the main store.. not an event you have to fight your way through to get so hurry  up and go grab those soon. Although Im sure a lot of you already have, but if you havent.. take my advice and do it now. :) This is the perfect “im ready for the beach/lake” look to me. Cute pair of shorts rolled down and a bikini. Sexy and fun also appropriate for summer. Its a head turner as well ;) Okay okay.. enough talking and rambling.. shut up Jaden. Yall have fun shopping. ♥


Bikini: MoDANNA “Sexy Bikini Stripes” [Canicule Collection] {NEW!} @ AnyBody
Shorts: Blueberry “Lana” (Faded) {NEW!}
Hair: *Soonsiki~ “Breeze”
Necklace: MG “Peace Pendant” (Gold)


People will always stare. Make it worth their while. ;) 



Last night I decided to get prettied up and go visit my mom at Grind for her set. Mainly I wanted a reason to wear these new heels out somewhere so I paired it up with this dress from Cynful. Then I found out she was djing and said “OH THATS PERFECT!” lol Plus I got to spend some much needed quality time with her as well so it was well worth going. Im so in love with these heels from Reign. They were put out for the Saturday Sale yesterday so maybe you have time to swing by there and snag these before they are picked up. Theres four different options to choose from and I bought three of the four. I loveeeeeee them. Im a huge lover of peep toe heels anyways in real life, so in sl I love them even more. These are teal on the heel and toe with a snake skin shoe. AHHH!!!! They are to DIE FOR! Hurry hurry and go to Reign and see if you can still snag these babies because they are worth every penny.


Dress: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Kamalin Dress” (Teal)
Hair: Truth Hair “Angie”
Shoes: REIGN “Pattern Peeps” (Snake) {NEW!} @ Saturday Sale
Pose: Something New “Calendar Girl 2″ (October)
Nails: Twenty13 “Nautical Nails”

((_Everything I got_))

“To tell you the truth, I don’t have much to offer. But Ill still give you everything I’ve got, even if its barely anything at all. Ill give you late thoughts, long hugs, someone to talk to, someone to care for, someone who will always be there, a hand to hold, somebody to lean on. And if that’s not enough, just know you have all of me. I hope that’s enough.”



*HAPPY JULY!!!!* How incredibly insane is it that its July already? They say every year that it passes faster than the last one and how true that seems this year. 2015 has been so great to me.. and doubt damn time because the past 3 years have not been my friend. I said in January I was going to make 2015 my year and so far im doing good with it. :) As for the look im bringing to you today.. this shirt is everything. I LOVEEEE this shirt from Twenty13. Anna did SUCH a great  job with it. ANDDDD she even added a Owl option in the hud. AHH!!! AND ITS GREEN, which is fast becoming my favorite color by the way. Its like she knew me when creating this. The shirt comes with a HUD as always with most Twenty13 things. And as a blogger we only get a specific blogger hud sent to us.. it doesnt come with ALL the hud options. Well with this little baby I knew I was heading on over to the store to pick up the full thing. The hud is fabulous. Its not just one shirt I like in it.. theres a ton, and it was really hard for me to pick one to blog, but I had to go with the Owl. I just love the green so much. GET THIS SHIRT NAO!!! Its flawless! Now for the shorts.. these are new from Cynful and come with a Hud as well so you can change the wash look to your shorts and the belt options. I loveeee these. They are low riders but dont show your butt crack. Although I dont think they do lol. Pretty sure they dont, but I cant be 100% correct because I dont think I looked. If they did show my crack though I would have noticed it I think. So therefore if youre a hater of the crack showing in jeans/shorts.. then these are for you! :)


Shirt: .t13. “Lanny Tied Shirt” {NEW!}
Shorts: [Cynful] Clothing & Co “Denim Short” {NEW!}
Hair: Truth Hair “Chynna”
Glasses: :Diamante: “Aviator Glasses”
Shoes: REIGN “Wedge Flip Flops” (Pure)
Nails: .Twenty13.

and it’s coming closer…

Stranded in this spooky town,
Stoplights are swaying and the phone lines are down
Floor is crackling cold,
She took my heart, I think she took my soul
With the moon I run,
Far from the carnage of the fiery sun




Top: Cynful Clothing & Co “P.A.C. Top” (Black)
Jeans: .:Pink Sugah:. “Chase” (Dark Blue) {NEW!} @ anyBODY
Heels: !(HR 3.0)! :Certified Translucent Love & War” (Red)
Hair: Spellbound “Sunday”
Cigarette: .:Hermony: “Ultimate Cigarette”
Tattoo: PMS “Owl Henna Tattoo”
Makeup: ::ED:: “Cry Baby”

[[Was available on MP a long time ago. I cant find the exact one now but any crying makeup will do.]]
Rings: :Diamante: “Edge Rings” (Slink Casual Hands)

You can be my muse

Mama always told me not to need a man
But one thing I should know is that I have the upper hand
And if I do indulge in showing him my plans
The one thing he should know is I can also wear the pants with my fucking heels on
Looking like a real strong woman
Any daddy would proud to say I’m his
You just stepped into the kill zone
I just keep it real
Have you calling me your daddy
I just tell it like it is.


For some reason when I look at this outfit, Queen of the Damned comes to mind. Its just something I could see Aaliyah wearing in that movie. I dont know if its because its black and a long skirt, with two slits on the side or what. Either way paired up with the Trance heels from Reign it completely reminds me of that movie. I love how sexy this outfit is. It just seems like something a powerful woman would wear. Which may be another reason why it reminds me of Queen of the Damned. I love it!


Get the look:

Shirt: MoDanna “Mix n Match Cropped Top” [Minuit Collection] {NEW!}

Skirt: MoDanna “Mix n Match Long Skirt” {NEW!}

Heels: REIGN “Trance”

Hair: Moon Hair “Storm”

Anchors Aweigh



Hey Yall!!

How stinkin cute is this outfit? While putting it together and trying to grab inspiration… I absolutely fell in love with it. The top is from MoDanna and comes in a few other options to choose from. The skirt is from Cynful and comes with a HUD so you can change whether you wear a belt with it or not and options for colors are endless. This necklace… well.. its actually for men, but Im a sucker when it comes to anchors so I knew I had to use it in this blog post. Its at the Boys of the Summer Event and 50% off AND EXCLUSIVE to this event. EEKK!!! It comes with a 32 texture HUD so it will basically go with anything you can possibly think of. I think men and women should pick it up to be honest, because it seriously is THAT CUTE! And one of the color options for the anchor is this gorgeous rose gold color. Im so in love with the color Rose Gold recently. I think its just so so so fitting for summer time. Gorgeous!! Poses are from Something New and actually comes with a pose prop and the single poses. Im not using the pose prop here, but its cute little stairs that you can stand on. Its actually meant to show off your shoes, but as you can see here Im not using it for that so the poses are very versatile. LOVE this outfit. I might be wearing it in world for awhile, so get used to seeing it on me and dont come up to me telling me I stink :) Because Ill just rub my armpit in your face rofl! Happy Saturday, everyone!! <3


Shirt: MoDANNA “Knotted T-Shirt Stripes” [Infallible Collection] {NEW!}
Skirt: Cynful Clothing & Co. “Little Denim Skirt”
Necklace: T13 “Nautical Anchor Necklace” {NEW!} @ Boys of Summer Event
Hair: Truth Hair “Esther”
Poses: Something New “Stairway to shoes” (Poses 3 & 4) {NEW!} @ The Olala Event

Warm Water & Sun Rays




What better way to start off the moth of Junes blog posts than with a bikini post. Summer is right around the corner, but that doesn’t stop us southerners from getting out on the lake a little early. Waters warm, sun is hot.. and nothing better than being on the beach laying out enjoying good friends, good beer, sun and the water. The bikini I’m bringing to y’all today is from Twenty13. I was so excited about it and about blogging it for y’all. It comes with a HUD so you can choose from tons of different colors. You can even mix and match them. I was going to, but I thought the green was gorgeous and I wore red hair and it took me back to the Little Mermaid lol. I felt like Ariel while taking these photos. Hopefully you visited Kustom 9 last round because you could have gotten these great sunglasses there as a fat pack with a cute pair of heels. If you didn’t though you can always visit Glamistry’s main location and pick them up. I love these glasses and the options you have to change the colors and stuff are unlimited.


Bikini: Twenty13 “Bratty Kini” {NEW!}
Hair: Soonsiki “Breeze”
Sunglasses: Glamistry “Sunglasses”