-Shake it for me-



Simple but yet it does the trick. Sometimes jeans and a tank is what every girl needs. Doesnt take a lot of time to put together but still looks cute. These jeans are by far some of my new favorites. They hug your curves in every possible way with a low rise.. and the prim’s on the bottom doesnt look big and goofy looking. Looks great with a pair of sneakers.. just the right length for them to be a great accessory for this outfit. These jeans came from a store called SUGAR & CYANIDE. Everything in this store is marked at 50L. Im pretty sure I bought 22+ outfits & items last night from there. Im also pretty sure Ill be going back to pick up other things as well before its gone. It saddens me that Im just now finding out about such a great store when they are about to close. The fashion world on SL is a crazy fiesty one. Ive noticed it can be brutal at sometimes. All we can hope for it that whatever is going on they maybe will hurry and come back to us, because these clothes are excellent quality and have an amazing fit.

Top: :: Alterego :: *Princess Denims Outfit* “White Half Tank”
Bottoms: **S&C** Boyfriend Jeans http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Riders%20Paradise/63/180/21
Shoes: Cats Cradle “Sk8r Sneaker”


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