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The other night a good friend of mine messages me and asks me if I like gowns. Well of course every girl loves gowns. Silly question right? Then he proceeds to tell me about these new gowns at DeVicious that contain 3 different HUDs and gives you the option of changing the dress not 1, not 2, not even 10, but 30 times. I couldn’t have jumped to the store quick enough. Not only does this gown come with 3 different HUDs but it also has 30 different styles. I’m amazed to say the least especially when I noticed it was only L$ 350. I don’t even think I demoed the dress I just bought it. Here are a few of the options the dress comes with but it also has the HUDs categorized by style of dress. You get Elegant Gowns, Summer Gowns & Floral Gowns. I went back to show him and he even bought his girlfriend the dress. Its absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t help but blog it and show you all. If you’re looking for a gorgeous mesh gown with different varieties to it, go to DeVicious and pick this up. Its so simple but yet very elegant and you don’t even have to do much to it to dress it up. I just tossed on a couple pieces of jewelry and some heels and I was ready. It also comes with heels that you could wear. To be completely honest I wasn’t to fond of the heels so I just used a pair I already had, but it also gives you the option that you don’t even have to wear shoes with it if you dont want to.

Dress: [DeVicious] *Hampton Nights Gown*

Rigged Mesh, 5 Sizes, 1 pair of shoes, 3 HUDs, 30 Different Versions, L$ 350



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