.::*After all you’re my WonDerWaLL*::.





Tiff released a new dress the other day at BitchTail and I couldnt get to the sim fast enough to pick it up. Its a fun, cute summer dress that comes with a color changing HUD. You can change it to 6 different colors. A color for every mood so to speak. lol I had to blog it for yall. If youre not a part of BitchTail VIP group you need to go join. So many perks to being a part of it. Including 250L credit every month and you cant beat that. She also has sales all the time, actually some of the best sales ive seen in secondlife. Hope yall enjoy this look. :] Perfect since summer time is rolling around.

Dress: *BitchTail* “Fly Away”

Shoes: *Slink* “Shaz Platform Black Denim”

Bag: Bag: Kakia Designs “Signature Newport Bag”

Bangles: *MM* “Resin Bangles”

Hair: *Matireya* “Siobhan”


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