__Beez In The Trap__




On some of the blogs I follow on facebook I saw a post for this store and after going I fell in love. Its all very Nicki Minaj expired and for thicker avis and I loveeee it. The stores layout is adorable too. All pink and very colorful. I had to get something from them to blog. Def a fun place to go and look around.

Top: [ToO CleAn] “Fendi Summer Top” (Baby Blu)

Bottoms: [ToO CleAn] “Chain’d Basic Booty Shorts” (COKA White)


Watch: [7891.] “Hue Mkay Set” (Gold)


Ring: [7891.] “Dope Ring”  (Gold)


Hair: :::Fab-U-Lous::: “Ally”


Bracelet: -RYCA- “Bracelet/Armband Pack Cross” (Gold)


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