“We’ll Be Okay.”

If you ever wonder
If you’re always in my head
I assure you it’s true
You don’t have to worry
Even when you’re gone
I still spend every day with you



Hey Everyone!! Today I bring to you a new gorgeous set of dresses from !Soul.

I am wearing the Green one but it comes in a variety of different colors

for you to choose from. It also has the cute Umbrella and boots to match

with this dress so you don’t have to spend a good 2 hours trying to match

everything with it. (I know I spend more time in my closet than anything on sl lol)

Also.. You can get the dress for 60L$ Its beautifully made with amazing detail.

You cant beat it. Just a cute flirty night time dress or you can use it

on a special occasion since it comes in a ton of colors.

Happy Tuesday & Happy Shopping doll face!!

Outfit: !Soul Nanny Mini Dress & Boots Green Tissue {New!}

Marketplace Store Click Here 


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