Mine Would Be You

What’s your all time high, your good as it gets?
Your hands down best ever make-up sex?
What’s your guilty pleasure, your old go to?
Well if you asked me, mine would be you



Pinterest Inspiration.

Hello my loves! I know I havent did a blog post in over a week and its been killing me. Ive been trying this new lifestyle change diet where I can have 20 carbs a day and 0 sugar. Needless to say as I sit here and type this I got the shakes and Im craving a candy bar and a big nice pizza so bad I could cry. lmfao. Anywho.. today Im bringing to you another outfit inspiration I found off of Pinterest. I tried to match it up the best I could and I hope you all enjoy!! Love yall to pieces and ill see you soon! Happy Shopping Ladies :]

Shirt: {Mon Tissu} “Slouchy Sweatshirt-Grey”

Jeans: [Cynful] + lil’lace “Bell Bottom Trashed”

Hair: Truth Hair “Elaine” {NEW!}
Bracelet: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. “Amore Mia” (Aqua)

Watch: [7891.] “Rolex Watch” (Gold)

Earrings: Erratic “Hoop Earrings Gold”

Necklace: MG “Peace Pendant Gold”
(You can actually get this Pendant for FREE at the Event at the [Cynful] & Lil’Lace & Blacklace reopening as a gift) You can visit here >> Click This <<

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