*Cupids Chokehold*



Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing fabulous because I know I am. Today Im bringing to you a exclusive that will be only avaliable at SeXXX Sells. Siren Productions welcomes you to a world of Sin, Depravity, Perversion, and of course SeXXX. This event runs from Jan. 17th-Feb. 1st, 2014. Its starts on January 17th which is MY BIRTHDAY so of course I already love this event lol. This event has a TON of things going on from Fashion Shows, Parties, Charity Auctions and more. It something you dont want to miss especially if youre a kinkeh lil freakie 😉 Rawrrrr.

This outfit is from .:Pink Sugah:.  and its called “Stupid Cupid” Now you can only get this at the SeXXX Sells Event. Its a adorable little cupid outfit. Comes with every applier imaginable, tons of different looks to choose from. You can wear the full outfit with the skirt, remove the skirt to show off the panties & garter, OR you can just remove the garter and wear the bra and panties. Its super adorable! 🙂

Hair: Truth Hair “Bonnie”
SeXXX Sells Event

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