*Did Someone Say Panty Raid?*

*Did Someone Say Panty Raid?*
When I saw the name of this hunt thats going on the first thing that came to my  mind was the SpongeBob episode where they take Mr Crabs on a Panty Raid lol. That episode makes my inner perv laugh so hard when it comes on TV. Being young and innocent kids have no idea what theyre talking about but us older people who have a guilty pleasure of watching SpongeBob gets a chuckle out of all the hidden sexual innuendos in that show. This one is by far my favorite Haha. Call me immature oh well. 😛 Anywho.. this is a outfit brought to you my Pink Sugah for the Panty Raid Hunt thats going on through January 15th. This is a cute lingerie bra & panties outfit. I love the cute little bow in the front, but what female doesnt love bows on her panties? Hurry and get this before its gone.

Outfit: .:Pink Sugah:. “Panty Raid Hunt”

Hair: Truth Hair “Cady”

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