SeXXX [always] Sells

Sexx Sells

Good Morning everyone! You notice that every one of my blogs starts off with either Good Morning everyone.. or Hey everyone. I dont know why but apparently I seem to think thats a good opener for yall. Hmm… I need to work on changing it and spicing it up every now and then hahaha.

I absolutely love this outfit first off. The lace detail and the little zipper detail in the back is SO cute. This comes in a TON of colors to choose from too. I had a hard time finding one that I wanted to blog, but I decided to go with the Nude color because for some reason Im loving nudes right now. (man.. did that just sound pervy) Hmm.. I should have said “Neutrals” I guess haha. Any who.. this is the 2nd exclusive from the Sexxx Sells Event from .::Pink Sugah::. You can only get this outfit at that event and believe me its worth heading over and checking out. This is called “All Night” and like I said before the color is “Nude.” It comes with all the appliers you would need for boobs & butts. The Sexxx Sells Event is brought to you by Siren Productions and the event is open now (Started January 17th) through January 24th. I actually went to the event last night to check it out and picked up a few things myself. Tons of different stores all over the place and it wasnt very laggy for me at all. Given now I went at like 3am EST but still.. I was flying all over the place like a total noob shopping hahaha. The hair im wearing in this photo is from Truth (as always lol) and its called “Selma.” Im a huge lover of Ploom & Truth Hair so normally Im always wearing something from them. Oh Oh! I finally broke down and bought Mesh Ears. Yes I know.. Im so behind, but I have the hardest time matching things to my skin and was iffy about getting them. I finally said screw it and got them. I bought some from [Mandala] (of course everyone has them from there) and I have to say thats the best money I spent in Second Life. I say this because I had no problem matching them at all. And even though there just simple ears with piercings I love them. Im not one to stretch my ears in real life so I dont think I need to on my Second Life avi. I still havent broke down and purchased the Cute or Phat Azz yet nor have I bought Lolas, but if you know me you know I hate change. I’ll probably never buy the boobies but I might purchase a Cute Azz for blogging purposes only. ANYWAYS… Ive just ranted and went on and on with this blog post when I shouldnt have but I thought Id just talk to yall for a minute. I hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday. Until next time take care.

SeXXX Sells Event

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