.::*It is what it is..*::.

“Till something better comes along, 
Till what ever we have is gone

But I ain’t got no one sleepin with me, 
And you ain’t got no where that you need to be, 
Maybe I love you, 
Maybe I’m just kind of bored, 
It is what it is
Till it ain’t, 
Yea it is what it is, 
Till it ain’t, 



Hey Ya’ll! I hope everyone’s start to their week is going wonderful! I was off yesterday from work so I didnt have a horrible monday.. although today Ive been kinda cranky and Im trying to shake it off lol. I think its cause Ive had a tummy ache the past couple days cause Ive been on a sugar high from all this Valentines Candy I was given haha.  Any who Im bringing to you a gorgeous new top from Zee. Its a tied top that comes with a HUD so you can change the color options on it. It comes with 3 different colors in the HUD to choose from. Im a huge lover of this Tiffany Blue so I decided to go with it. I paired it up with some cute daisy duke shorts that also come with a HUD that you can choose a couple options on, be it having studs on the pockets and what not, very cute! You cant have a complete country type outfit without a cute pair of cowboy boots (and personally I think these are some of the best in SL. IMO) They also come with a HUD so that you can change the color options on them as well down to every little detail. Im topping it all off with this gorgeous hair that I have (that I dont think I wear enough) and yes the hat comes with it. Photos were taken on a gorgeous sim that I found from another bloggers page. Goodnight Photography. If you havent checked out this blog please do. Jeff photographs Second Life in the most beautiful light. Id seriously hang some of his photos on my wall in my home if I could. Absolutely stunning and these places he has to visit are beautiful. I dont know where he finds these places but if youre ever looking for somewhere to explore and have no clue where to go.. Jeff’s blog is the place to look.

Top: Zee “Tie Top Spring A Set”
Shorts: DRIFT “Daisey Dukes Denim”
Hair: Maitreya “Siobhan”
Boots: Miel “Dandy Boots”

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