*Dark side of the Moon*



“Everyone is a moon and has a dark side that they never show anyone.” 

– Mark Twain

*Dark side of the moon*

*Dark side of the moon*

*Dark side of the moon*
Honestly.. I have no words for this outfit or even how I put it together haha. Its def different from other stuff I post and I kinda just threw it together. At first I was like “ehh” and then the more I looked at it it started growing on me. I got this hair from Collabor88 awhile back but I never did anything with it because I couldnt find anything to wear that I liked it with. I decided to use it for this outfit just to make it a little more different. The heels I got from Whore Couture and I absolutely love them. They are used with Slink HIGH feet. Worth every penny cause the detail is gorgeous! I actually have another outfit Im going to blog using them too. I love the peach color too. All in all this outfit is just different and I like it. Im not sure if others will like the way I put it together, but ehh oh well Hahaha. I just wanted to be different for a min 🙂 Happy Shopping ladies. ❤ Oh and this is my new pet Owl “Hootie Hoo” who Im in love with and had to add him to the blog too. 🙂
Top: [DC] “Plunging Crop Tee in Floral” {NEW!}
Jeans: [DC] “Lady Jeans in Dark Blue” {NEW!}
Shoes: _CandyDoll_ “Gossa in Peach” {NEW!} @ WCF
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ “Dreadlow Hair”


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