[[.Independent queen workin for her throne.]]

“I love her cause she got her own
She don’t need mine, so she leave mine alone
There ain’t nothing that’s more sexy
Than a girl that want but don’t need me
Young independent, yea she work hard
But you can tell from the way that she walk
She don’t slow down cause she ain’t got time
To be complaining, shawty gon shine
She don’t expect nothing from no guy
She plays aggressive, but she still shy
But you never know her softer side
By lookin in her eyes
Knowing she can do for herself
Makes me wanna give her my world.”




Ohhaii its me again! I told you I would have a few posts coming out this week and here is another one. I always feel super classy in the stuff Sofia makes. Maybe its because she herself I just find very classy and independent looking. Either way.. her clothing is always top notch in quality and so beautiful when worn. I feel very business like and feel as if I can do anything and conquer the world. Its very casual but with a touch of class. I was going to go with heels for this look but then decided to stick to some wedge flip flops to keep it simple and kind of spring’ish. Ive always loved this purse too. I’ve had it for SO LONG but never knew what to pair it up with. I thought it went beautifully with this outfit and was just the right touch it needed. I hope you fall in love with this outfit as much as I did after I put it together and found the perfect spot for the photos to be taken. I feel very dainty and cute even though its a short tied up top showing just enough tummy but not over doing it. If you would like to know where I found this sim please hop on over to Jeff’s blog and check out all his incredible sims he finds. He photographs them so beautifully and I couldnt help but fall in love with this place in the photos. If you would like to go there as well please click [here] And always until next time..


-Get the Look-

Shirt: Zee – زي “Tie Top” (Black Set)
Pants: Zee – زي “Cuffed Pants” (Khaki)
Hair: Exile:: “Pictures of you” (Natural Fusion)
Purse: ISON “Kabuki Crocodile tote” (Pearl)
Shoes: *Reign. “Never Royal Flip Flops” (snakes)

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