*Seashores of old Mexico*



Happy…ermm… what is today? Tuesday.. yes Happy Tuesday. Jeez… its only Tuesday? Wow this is going to be a super slow week. Any who I hope everyone is doing okay especially with all the storms that are passing through the south. I know Arkansas got some tornadoes and I want to send anyone living in that area all my love and prayers. ♥ We were supposed to get hit pretty rough with them yesterday but luckily, praise jesus the must have shifted just a tiny bit and missed my town. Which is good because while Im at work Im terrified of stuff like that. If Im at home Im okay weird I know. Enough about bad, crazy, tornado weather though. Im bringing to you a fun beach look featuring the new unisex tripp shorts from .twenty13. These come in a variety of colors and styles to choose from. I liked these because well.. they are pink and I love pink. I also liked the way it was paired up with orange. I threw on a Mon Cheri bikini top and I was off for a day in the sun on the beach. You can only get these shorts at the Spring Break Fair which is running from now until May 9th so you still have some time to go but not very long. Hope everyone is doing fabulous today and stay safe. Much love to you all and until next time..


Top: *MC* “Bow Bikini 3-pack” (Black)

Shorts: .twenty13. “Ladies Tripp Shorts” (Iconic) {NEW!} @ Spring Break Fair

Hair: Maitreya “Siobhan”




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