*Sometimes its best to get away*




Happy Friday Y’all. Hope your day starts off better than mine. Woke up sneezing all over the place. These allergies are absolutely driving me insane. Its supposed to rain some today so hopefully that settles some of this pollen. After waking up to all that I shortly after hear a buzzing noise in my room and a flippin WASP was in my bedroom. Like okay seriously.. how does that even happen? I know he didnt fly through the front door and no one noticed him and he made his way back to my bedroom and in my window. He had to get in through somewhere so now im lookin for holes everywhere, but finding nothing. Smh.. ridiculous. This is why I never complain about winter/fall being cold. I enjoy it. I dont have allergies then and I dont have to deal with the bees/wasps/hornets of any kind flying around. Sping/Summer you will hear me constantly complain about it being hot, sweating, and bees lol. Its funny how some people are scared of some things and to other people it doesnt bother them. Guess thats what makes us all unique. 🙂


I always get distracted when just randomly talking to yall.. now onto the outfit. This is a new release from Pink Sugah for the Boobs, Butts, & Beyond event going on right now until May 30th. This bikini comes in a variety of different colors to choose from as well with these cute little ruffles on the boobies and the butt part. Now you will have to adjust the ruffles to get the perfect for for your avi since everyone is shaped a little different. I suck at adjusting things in sl so if I can do it I know you can too. Just takes a couple minutes. I really loved the colors this bikini came in and it took me forever to decide on a color to blog for yall, but I decided on this one. I thought it went really well and popped on my skin color. Plus I like the softness of it. Its also comes with the Brazilia, Ghetto, Phat Azz, Tango/Lush/Evo, and WowMeh Appliers. Now onto the toes… at the time of blogging these I only had the slink feet because I debated on getting the slink hands for so long. I felt as though I looked like a T-rex when I danced with those little slink hands. Hahah. Although now I have went ahead, broke down, and purchased them. So all Im modeling for you today in this post is the toenails. It does come with a fingernail/toenail set. Super cute and comes in a ton of colors to choose from as well with a very user friendly hud.

I hope yall enjoy! And always until next time..


Outfit: .:Pink Sugah:. “Ruffle” (Spring Tropicals) {NEW!} @ Boobs, Butts and Beyond

Hair: Magika “Road”

Toenails: .twenty13. “Butterfly 01” (Slink Enhance fingernails/toes) {NEW!} 



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