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Good Evening everyone!

First off.. Happy Hump Day! In this blog post Im showing off a new item from Twenty13. It actually comes as an outfit (with shorts included) but I just decided to wear the top with it because I found these shorts and really wanted to pair them up with something and thought this was the perfect shirt. We all know I honestly think I was born a few decades after my time and that’s fine I guess but not everyone appreciates my love for older vintage stuff. As soon as I saw this shirt was very hippie like and said Woodstock across it I instantly fell in love. The colors, the style of the shirt.. everything about it I love. I had a hard time choosing which one of the shirts in this style I wanted to blog but when I found these shorts at Reign I knew I must blog the Woodstock one. Twenty13 made this shirt and tons of others to choose from along with shorts that come with it (not pictured here) I also love the “Sun Tan City” one and will possibly use it in a blog later on. Also if you join the Twenty13 group you receive 10% off on in-world purchases. (just a little fact.. meaning you should join when you go to grab this outfit if you haven’t already. 🙂 ) Now onto the shorts.. I honestly dont think Reign gets enough credit for their clothing as they do their shoes. Now.. yes Reign makes absolutely STUNNING shoes, heels, flats.. but I for one am in LOVEEEE with their shorts and sweaters. I wear them all the time. Pretty sure I have almost every one of their sweaters in every color and I almost have all their shorts too. I love the little pocket peeking out at the bottom and I love how low they sit on my avi and they make my butt look cute 🙂 lmao. They have other shorts and they look as though they have lace on them. ugfhghjkdslkfhsd I LOVE THOSE SHORTS! I swear.. I wear them all the time lmao. I think these with the color on them are different and you dont see a lot like them in SL so I had to snag them as well. Next time you’re at Reign.. dont just run right for the shoes.. look around. You might be surprised 🙂  As always I hope you enjoyed this blog and until next time..


Top: .t13. “Summer Outfit” (Woodstock) {NEW!}

[comes with shorts but I only have the top on to the outfit.]

Shorts: *REIGN. “Denim Galaxy Shorts” (Blue)

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ “Dreadlow Hair”

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