*My Chick Bad*

I’m the baddest chick and they don’t call me that for nothing
diamond princess straight VVS stuntin
light blue eyes, hour glass frame
still got the crown for best ass in the game
hips of a Goddess, watch how I throw em
so good it make em wanna tattoo my lips on em
I’m so bad and I rep that hood
pussy stay wet, sex so good

“My Chick Bad Remix” – Ludacris





I love this outfit so much Ive been wearing it all week. No shit.. forreal.. Ive just changed hair lmfao. You can call me stinky Idc but I love this outfit lmao. I knew I had to blog it for yall. Here is one of those Reign Sweatshirts I was talking on and on about in yesterdays blog posts. UGHH LOVE THEMM!!!! I love the little cheetah print nail details on the hands on the shirt too. Im pretty sure thats my favorite part and is what made me purchase it lol. Also… the shirt around my waist.. LOVEEEE I need it in every color. Seriously cant get enough. I think every girl should own one in sl lol. You can wear it with so many things.. leggings, shorts, jeans, just a tee.. ugh so versatile. Anywho enough rambling about how much I love this outfit lol. Hope yall enjoy too 🙂 Until next time..


Shirt: *Reign. “The Sweatshirt” (LA)

Leggings: .:LIWEN:. “Leggings black” –found on mp
Tied Shirt: *COCO* “Shirt around waist” (Checkredblack)
Heels: *REIGN. “Asphyxia Heels” (Onyx)
Hair: Truth Hair “Anita”

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