✿I’ve Got This Friend♡

I’ve got this friend
I don’t think you know her
She sings a simple song
It sounds a lot like his




Good Afternoon everyone! I feel as though this is the longest I’ve ever went without posting a blog and I think I’m right. To be honest I haven’t been in Second Life as much this month and when I am I have been on long enough to work my sets I’m hosting and then sign right back out. This weekend I’m off work until Tuesday so I figured what better time than now to catch up on all my blog posts. Two of these photos were taken on the Goodnight Photography Sim. Its an absolutely stunning place to go see. I made the mistake of going on my own though and there was so much couple poses it made me feel very “forever alone” hahaha. I did manage to find some single pose stuff so it made me feel better. If you have a significant  other I do suggest you both go and check it out together.

Before talking about the outfit though can I just take a second to talk about the song I put with this post? The Civil Wars is one of my all time favorite duos. I believe they are the only duo that can take a song, make you feel butterflies in your tummy because it is so sweet and then also in the same song make your heart break. Their voices together is so beautifully haunting together its unreal. This song I stumbled across a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love. Please click and listen if you’ve never heard them at all or if you’ve never heard this song.

Now to the outfit. This is a new dress from Pink Sugah that you can get in a variety of colors at this round of the Thrift Shop. I’ve been a big fan of the color navy this year and when I seen she had a navy color version I was all over it to blog. The flip flops are from Reigns Saturday Sale. They have tiny little Anchors on them and well.. I’ve noticed I’m becoming a huge fan of those too so I knew this was what I had to pair the dress up with. Topped it off with a cropped top jean jacket from Cynful and I fell in love. Also I’m becoming a huge fan of Spellbounds hair. The thing I love the most about them? Their packaging for when you go to open the hair up. Its the cutest little spell book and it looks like you’re holding it with little particles flying out from it as if you’re about to do some magic. I absolutely LOVEEE it. The way people package things in rl excite me and even in SL I think packaging that is cute is a must. It honestly made me fall in love with the store that much more.

I hope y’all enjoy this outfit as much as I did putting it together and taking the photos of it. And always.. until next time..


Dress: .:Pink Sugah:. “Bardot” (Navy Stripe) {NEW!} @ The Thrift Shop

Jacket: [Cynful] Clothing & Co “Cropped Demin Jacket” (Blue)

Shoes: *REIGN. “Pattern Flip Flops” (Anchors)

Hair: +SpellBound+ “Sunday”









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