My Dearest Friends,



Hello my loves! I woke up this morning to a ton of texts and questions as to what happened to my facebook. Some even thought I went as far to blocking them and that wasnt the case at all. As a lot of y’all know now my Facebook got deleted this morning. I don’t think anyone reported me, yet I could be wrong. Im not really sure. It never gave me the chance to choose from the photos or anything. My guess is that Facebook just finally after almost three years caught up with me and deleted my account due to it not being a ‘real’ person. I’ve taken all the actions that I can take to get it back. I submitted my Drivers License, but as most of you know.. my rl name is Jaden and my last name sure isnt Cordis so I’m not sure what will happen. The only thing I can bank on is the fact I do have a album of real life photos, my account says im from Kentucky and I have a Kentucky Drivers License, and the fact that my birthday is the same.

All of this leaves me very sad.. mostly because Ive always tried my hardest to be kind to everyone and make people smile at random moments when I knew they felt as though they couldn’t. What makes me sad is the fact a lot of the people Ive seen this happen to are good people. People who dont try to hurt anyone and doesn’t use Facebook as a way of being malicious to others. Yet.. the ones that do.. they seem to still be around. Makes absolutely no sense to me. Now not only is my Facebook gone, but all my memories are gone with it. Yeah sure I could just create a new account.. put my photos up that I still have on my computer on there and start fresh. It wont have the memories on it like my old one did. The laughs, conversations, photos, smiles, all my videos I would randomly upload, my rl photos.. all of that is gone. Pictures I can upload again.. but ill never be able to recover those memories I had on there. Not only is my Facebook gone but also my facebook like page I used for this blog. It makes me feel as though my blog will plummet if I dont have a way of facebook to share my links. Now if I didnt have sponsors I wouldnt care.. but I feel as though since I do have these amazing sponsors I should be able to share these links on fb to reach more ppl. Then again I dont know.. some bloggers have flickr and no facebook and that works right?

With all that being said.. Im not really sure if I will make another facebook account. Although.. its been 6 hours and Im already like “what the crap am I gonna do with my time now that I spent on facebook?” Haha. Sad when this happens you think like that. I just used Facebook as a way to talk to everyone and keep in touch with them. I barely talk to anyone on Second Life anymore, most of it is done through messages on facebook. I did however create a account on Avatar this morning. Which is basically a SL version of Facebook. Im not sure if anyone is on it but I am on there. Im not really sure if Ill even keep it going to be honest. I might just use it for my blog posts.

Im just confused right now. Maybe this is a blessing? Maybe? Im not sure. Blah.. I was complaining about recently on my Time Hop that it was showing me things from this time last year I could care less to see. Maybe this was Gods way of saying “Nope.. thats enough Jaden. Ill no longer allow you to see these things and be reminded of the hurt.” *shrugs* I dont know.. Maybe this is my way of being told I need a break from the facebook part of SL. Sometimes I think we get wrapped up in the petty drama on our fb and it takes the fun out of what Second Life was before everyone kept in touch 24/7. Maybe this will help me get back to what it used to be and find fun in it again.

I just wanted to let yall know I have done everything I can do to recover my page. Im just not sure if its going to work or not. And as for my sponsors.. Im still going to be blogging they just wont be shared on facebook and will only be shared on flickr for now. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Hopefully Ill be back before long.. and I may even make a new facebook page at some point. I just dont know when that will be.

Yall have a good week and Ill see ya soon ❤



2 thoughts on “My Dearest Friends,

  1. They will give it back to you, takes about 2 days. You gave them the license and that’s all they need Jaden. They will change your name to match on your license to the “T” and that’s that….you will not ever have the option to change it again but at least all your stuff will be back and intacted same as before. They will give it back though, just give them a few days and you will see it in your email or try logging in tomorrow.

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