My Imperfections make me Beautiful♥

marilyn monroe8


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Good Afternoon my loves! Todays Halloween costume is very cliche and simple, but if you know me you know im a HUGE lover of Marilyn Monroe and this had to be  done. Catwa’s Marilyn Dress is to die for. Ive seen a lot of Marilyn Seven Year Itch dresses in Second Life and this one takes the cake. Its absolutely perfect. If only I had a fan underneath me for the exact look it would have been perfect lol. Ive always wanted to recreate the photo on the bottom of Marilyn and the sugar skull mask in second life. Its not exact, but its damn near close and Im pretty proud of myself for making this photo happen. As yall know.. Im no Photo Shop expert. I barely know anything about it tbh. I have no patience to learn all the brushes and little dohickys about it lol. I do have GIMP downloaded on my computer though and thought “what the hell” and decided to give this creation a go. On both photos Im damn proud of myself. Its nothing flashy or fancy or SUPER GREAT, but for it.. Its damn near perfect  considering this was my first attempt at something like this lol. This new Truth Hair as soon as I seen it instantly thought “Thats the best Marilyn hair if Ive ever seen any in second life.” and knew my time had come to put this simple costume together. I absolutely love this and I hope you do too.


Dress: ^;^CaTwA^;^ “Marilena Dress”
Hair: Truth Hair “Vixen” {NEW!} @ Uber
Shoes: REIGN “High Society Heels” (White)
Face Paint: Soul Distraction “Los Muertos White Face Paint”


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