The heart wants what it wants.




Hey yall.. its been forever since I last posted a blog post. I tried to get all mine done before Christmas because I knew the holidays were gonna be crazy. Then I come down with this NASTY bug.. I dont know what the hell it actually is all I do know is its something mixed with laryngitis. Ive never had laryngitis before so needless to say I was a horrible big ole baby the whole time lol. I felt like a dude.. I know yall know what Im talking about. Men when they get sick turn into the BIGGEST BABIES youve ever met. ANYWHO.. that was me. Luckily today Im feeling a little better.. Im no where close 100% but Im maybe at a good 65% lol. I pray none of yall catch whatever this is I have because I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. Anyways.. on to the clothing.. I have so much to say. First lets start with these fucking AMAZING LEGGINGS! My wifey Marlo sent me a picture of her ass in these leggings she got at Kuston9. I fell in love.. it gives you the booty without having the Phat Azz. No shit.. this thing is a man magnet lol. 5 seconds after putting these on some random IMs me at Kustom9 telling me how fabulous they look. Then I ended up going to a club and another random hit me up. Its insane what a good pair of pants can do for your social life.. and I dont mean that in a whore kinda way lol. Ladies.. Im telling you.. get the damn fatpack of these. GET THE FATPACK! I got 4 colors and now Im wishing I would have just purchased the whole shebang! I showed my mama and she got the fatpack.. then my sister went and bought them.. yes they are THAT EPIC! They also come with a boots version and the regular version you see me wearing today. I seriously can NOT go on and on about these enough. Its all I wear and Im sure Michael is tired of seeing me in them. I just cant get enough. Now onto my hair that is also new at N21. Direct quote from Michael on this hair is “Would you change hair? Youve been wearing it for like a month now.” Obviously hes not being serious because it hasnt been out for a month, but I went to N21 the day it opened and I havent taken this hair off since lmfao. It comes with a color changing HUD from REIGN where you can change the boggin to whatever color your little heart pleases. I just love love love it. Plus.. Im a HUGE fan of Little Bones hair and this hair color on me.. so whenever they come out with something new Im first in line to check it out to see if it looks good on my avi. Now.. onto the shoes.. this is a new sponsor to my blog Glamistry.. and im not just saying these things because they sponsor me.. Im telling yall the truth. The quality of these mesh heels are fucking FANTABULOUS!!!! Seriously.. the quality looks like real life fucking shoes. Its absolutely insane. They are affordable and come with a metal color changing HUD. I chose this rose gold color because I thought it went good with the look I was trying to pull together, but seriously.. I effing love them. They are all original mesh designs, affordable, cute, and just ugh.. i love them so much. Im so excited to see what they come out with next.

Well… yes I think I covered everything lol. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and a fabulous New Year. ♥ tootles my little poodles!!


Top: [Cynful] + Lil’lace “Fureal Vest” (Black)
Pants: Bueno “Leggings” (Cream) {NEW!} @ Kustom9
Hair: Little Bones “Bitter” {NEW!} @ N21
Bangles: C h a r y “Gaia Bangles” (Gold)
Shoes: Glamistry “Nemesia Ankle Boots” {NEW!}

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