Addicted to you.

She asked “You are in love what does love look like?”

to which I replied “Like everything I’ve ever lost came back to me.”


I’m so excited to bring this post to y’all today. Not only do I love this outfit, but I also completely and totally redone my blog. It had been two years since I did anything with my blog look so I figured what the hell. Its January.. Its a new year.. why not completely and totally revamp my whole thing. I was so tired of the dark blog look so I wanted to go with something very bright and colorful. Plus I think I like the font with this blog best too. Its big and y’all can read it better. I obviously do not pay for the premium WordPress and have no reason to so I don’t get to change the font colors or anything. So what I have is what I have and I’m completely and totally satisfied with this. I also put my sponsors, feeds, blog roll, Facebook & Flickr in tabs at the top. I think I might go through and add a tab for SLURLs and places I frequently visit too. Im not sure I will, but I am thinking about it. Do people even frequently look at those anyways? I know I really don’t unless someone has them and don’t link the SLURL in their blog post. Which by the way.. annoys the hell out of me. Any who… I hope you really like the new look. Believe it or not this took me 4 hours to do. Which doesn’t look like I’ve done much, but there was SO much I changed. Now that all that is outta the way lets get to this outfit. I know y’all have probably seen this look a thousand times recently by other bloggers. I’ve seen it a lot myself but I still wanted to blog it for the pure fact that I think its so damn cute. And everything you get with it int he HUD is amazingly insane. This whole look is from Cynful. It comes with everything you see here. Comes with parts you can wear alone.. example you can just wear the dress or you can wear the jeans with it. Im doing the whole look which comes with a complete alpha layer. This comes in a ton of different colors so basically what you have to choose is the color of the dress you want. The HUD allows you to change everything else. For example.. the boots, fur on the boots, fur on the dress, undershirt, zipper, and then Cyn put out Add-Ons so you can add actual fur to the boots and collar. So stinkin cute beyond belief. The thing with this outfit is your arms aren’t free to move around. They stay in the pockets. Which I didn’t realize until putting the outfit on. So if you think you can take your arms out of the pockets and this is just a pose I’m using that makes them look that way you’re completely wrong. I also noticed after taking these photos that I recently blogged this hair the other day. Sorry for blogging the same hair again, but I’ve realized I love it so much so it doesn’t matter lol. I guess that’s it for now. I think I’ve said everything that I need to say and hopefully I haven’t left anything out. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and Ill see y’all soon in my next post. ♥


Outfit: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Prissy Fur Outfit” (Coral) {NEW!}
Hair: Truth Hair “Sienna”


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