There’s a story in her eyes.



Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone had a great start to the week yesterday. Im having a second snow day so instead of being at rl work Im just sitting at home catching up on blogging. Today Im just going to be talking about some gorgeous eyes that Twenty13 has released. There are 20 different color options and Im showing you four of the 20 today. Stream is a gorgeous icy blue color, Mocha is this super pretty light brown. Around the edges you see this brown mocha color, Meadow is a green which looks great against dark skin tones and hair. Ive always been a fan of tan skin and dark hair with green eyes. They just pop against those colors. And last but not least we have Moon which is this grey color. I think Moon is my favorite out of these four colors. These eyes come with mesh AND a regular eye layer. Twenty13 has also put out a demo for these eyes so you can try them before you buy which ever color you want. You can grab the demo here.. [ Click me ] I have also included a photo of all the color options Brae has released. I didnt take that photo though, I grabbed it from the Twenty13 website. If you would like to visit the website you can click here [ Click me ] I hope you enjoy this post.. sorry it doesnt include other things, but I just wanted to showcase how fabulous these eyes are. Everyone have a wonderful Tuesday and as always.. until next time..


.Twenty13. “Realistic Mesh Eyes Optimal”


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