*Just Jaden*



Ahhh!! Im so excited to bring this blog post to yall. Ive had it saved to my blog but havent gotten around to actually writing anything and posting it. I have some free time and figured now is the moment to get it out there. I was sent this GORGEOUS top from Mr Jeff Goodnight a few weeks ago. I get sent things all the time from people so I just accepted it, stuck it in my “Need to blog” folder and more than likely signed out of SL without paying any attention at all. Then a couple days later the lovely Sofia post her in this same shirt saying it was called “Jaden” only then did I realize it was NAMED AFTER MEEEE!!!! Omg I got so excited. I love when things are named after me and especially when they are SO STINKIN CUTE! Thank you so much Jeff.. you totally made my day by simply putting my name to this. This shirt comes with a TON of different looks and HUDs to choose from. My eyes instantly fell in love with this print though and I knew it was the one I wanted to blog for you. The back is low cut too and its so sexy and revealing without being total skanky hoe lol. Just my type of top 😉 hahahah. I paired it up with these AMAZING low rise leggings from Cynful which also come in a butt ton of different colors and also come with slink appliers. I cant get enough of these leggings and have been wearing them the past couple weeks in SL 1.) because Ive been too lazy to change and 2.) because they are just amazeballs. Also the sunglasses are new and from Glamistry. Normally Glamistry only creates heels but they have branched out and made these totally adorable glasses that are perfect for spring. The HUD that comes with these things are perfect! You can honestly change every little detail about them from color to diamond color on the side of them.  My hair Ive also been wearing all week and refuse to change. Its the new hair at N21 this round from Lamb. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS HAIR! Its totally work running to N21 right now and picking up if you havent already. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start shopping nao!! I hope you enjoyed this look and as always until next time..



Top: Goodnight Gear “Jaden Mesh Loose Tank” (Prints) {NEW!} Tysm Jeff ♥

Pants: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Low Rise Leggings” (Pink) Tysm♥

Glasses: Glamistry “Sunglasses” {NEW!} Tysm ♥

Hair: Lamb. “Bunny” {NEW!} @ N21


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