*It can’t rain forever.* ♥



*HAPPY APRIL YALL!* New month means new beginnings for you if you choose to go that route. I myself have had a fantastic March so Im hoping to keep to the same routine for this month. No new beginnings for me because this life is so much better. Last month I was slacking BIG TIME when it came to blogging. A lot of my time was taken just focusing on me and becoming the best ME I can be. I think Im getting the hang of it so now back to focusing on blogging this month for everyone. Today Im bringing to you a new top from Zee.. which is a lovely friend of mines store. This top is perfect for Spring and comes with a HUD with a ton of different color options. You can even change the beads that are on the tie to the top. Lots of variety and very well made. I love this shirt. The shorts are from Blueberry and IM IN LOVE WITH THESE SHORTS! The things they do for your booty are just FABULOUS! I think Ive been wearing this outfit around too much recently lol. THATS how much I love it. Truth came out with this hair not to long ago and Ive ofc fallen in love with it as well. I feel like I say I love stuff too much, but its not a lie. I really DO love all these things lol. OH OH AND THE NAILS… Did yall know that Slink came out with a update for their feet & hands? I did not until I tried to put this nail polish on and it wouldnt work. I went to Marissa and was like “Wtf ? Theres an update?” and she said YUP! So I had to go to Slink and get them redelivered to me. ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT THOUGH BECAUSE.. as you can see.. each nail is a different color or design. YES.. WE CAN DO THAT NOW! HOW FANTASTIC! Its actually pretty easy to do too because the new update for the hands and feet has given us a new utilities HUD and its so much more user friendly I think. So worth the update yall! GO GO GO and get it and then go get these nail colors. They come in a butt load of colors and designs. I LOVEEEE THEM SO MUCH!! Anywho.. I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the new month and you didnt fall for any April Fools jokes lol. Until next time..


*Get the look*

Top: Zee “Layla Tank” {NEW!} tysm Sofia ♥

Shorts: Blueberry “Cossy” Denim Ripped Shorts {NEW!} 

Hair: Truth Hair “Bexley” {NEW!} 

Nails: Twenty13 “Neon Airbrushed + Cracked” {NEW!} 

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