.x. Return Of The Mack .x.



*Happy Easter Everyone!!* Normally a blog post on Easter contains something about Easter right? Well… not for me!!! 😀 Reign made these FABULOUS Derby Heels for the April group gift and it put me in a mood and took me back to when I used to be a huge skater when I was younger. I swear.. I lived at our local skating rink. Most of my childhood memories come from there. So I found this cute skating rink in world and started taking pictures for this blog post. Jam skating was my favorite and thats why I chose “Return of the Mack” for the title of this song because it was my FAVORITE to jam skate to back then. This song would come on and Id skate so fast to the floor so I could skate to it. I know.. so lame right? But it was so much fun. I love this skating place in sl too because even the carpet looks just like my old skating rink. That black with the colorful swirly lines in it. Just so much nostalgia came rushing back as soon as I tp’d to this place. So.. Thank you to the Reign designers for taking me back to my childhood with these little heels. Theyve totally made my day! Links are posted below on how to achieve this look and where everything came from. Happy Shopping!!


*Get the look*

Shirt: Tee*fy “Joan boyfriend tank top” (Painted) {NEW!} @ N21

Bra: Tee*fy “Joan Bra top” {NEW!} @ N21

Pants: MoDANNA “Leather Leggings” (Black) [Stefani Collection] {NEW!} 

Shoes: REIGN “Derby Heels” {NEW!} April Group Gift! 

Hair: Truth Hair “Willa” {NEW!} 


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