You can be my muse

Mama always told me not to need a man
But one thing I should know is that I have the upper hand
And if I do indulge in showing him my plans
The one thing he should know is I can also wear the pants with my fucking heels on
Looking like a real strong woman
Any daddy would proud to say I’m his
You just stepped into the kill zone
I just keep it real
Have you calling me your daddy
I just tell it like it is.


For some reason when I look at this outfit, Queen of the Damned comes to mind. Its just something I could see Aaliyah wearing in that movie. I dont know if its because its black and a long skirt, with two slits on the side or what. Either way paired up with the Trance heels from Reign it completely reminds me of that movie. I love how sexy this outfit is. It just seems like something a powerful woman would wear. Which may be another reason why it reminds me of Queen of the Damned. I love it!


Get the look:

Shirt: MoDanna “Mix n Match Cropped Top” [Minuit Collection] {NEW!}

Skirt: MoDanna “Mix n Match Long Skirt” {NEW!}

Heels: REIGN “Trance”

Hair: Moon Hair “Storm”


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