((_Everything I got_))

“To tell you the truth, I don’t have much to offer. But Ill still give you everything I’ve got, even if its barely anything at all. Ill give you late thoughts, long hugs, someone to talk to, someone to care for, someone who will always be there, a hand to hold, somebody to lean on. And if that’s not enough, just know you have all of me. I hope that’s enough.”



*HAPPY JULY!!!!* How incredibly insane is it that its July already? They say every year that it passes faster than the last one and how true that seems this year. 2015 has been so great to me.. and doubt damn time because the past 3 years have not been my friend. I said in January I was going to make 2015 my year and so far im doing good with it. 🙂 As for the look im bringing to you today.. this shirt is everything. I LOVEEEE this shirt from Twenty13. Anna did SUCH a great  job with it. ANDDDD she even added a Owl option in the hud. AHH!!! AND ITS GREEN, which is fast becoming my favorite color by the way. Its like she knew me when creating this. The shirt comes with a HUD as always with most Twenty13 things. And as a blogger we only get a specific blogger hud sent to us.. it doesnt come with ALL the hud options. Well with this little baby I knew I was heading on over to the store to pick up the full thing. The hud is fabulous. Its not just one shirt I like in it.. theres a ton, and it was really hard for me to pick one to blog, but I had to go with the Owl. I just love the green so much. GET THIS SHIRT NAO!!! Its flawless! Now for the shorts.. these are new from Cynful and come with a Hud as well so you can change the wash look to your shorts and the belt options. I loveeee these. They are low riders but dont show your butt crack. Although I dont think they do lol. Pretty sure they dont, but I cant be 100% correct because I dont think I looked. If they did show my crack though I would have noticed it I think. So therefore if youre a hater of the crack showing in jeans/shorts.. then these are for you! 🙂


Shirt: .t13. “Lanny Tied Shirt” {NEW!}
Shorts: [Cynful] Clothing & Co “Denim Short” {NEW!}
Hair: Truth Hair “Chynna”
Glasses: :Diamante: “Aviator Glasses”
Shoes: REIGN “Wedge Flip Flops” (Pure)
Nails: .Twenty13.

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