Somebody’s Poem

“She said that she always wanted to be a poet, but I can tell deep down all

she really wanted was to be somebody’s poem.”



Hello all my loves! ♥ I have been so in love with dressing up recently in dresses and feeling fancy. I like to hang out in my room and just twirl and twirl around.. don’t judge me. It makes me remember back to when you were little and your mom would put you in that big dress with the poofy skirt and you’d sit and do circles, looking down watching the dress fan out. You’d do it so much you’d end up getting dizzy in the end lol. Anyone else do that? Was it just me? If so… you missed out because THAT was fun. And at that time as a little girl I felt so fabulous and just like a princess. I wish life was still that simple. Wondering what dress you were gonna wear to church or on Easter Sunday and how big and fluffy you could get the dress lol. I even had lace gloves I wore haha. Seriously.. stop judging me. I was cute lol. Oh if I could only go back to the early 90’s Id be a happy girl. If I had the chance to go back and do it all over again would I change anything? Not one single solitary thing. Why? Because as cliche as it sounds all those moments, memories, heartbreaks, made me the woman I am today and without all those who know what kind of person I would be.

Okay.. enough rambling Jaden get to the point of the blog post. So like I said I’ve been loving dresses in SL recently which is something I don’t normally own or wear a lot of. Twenty13 released this new dress that of course comes with a fabulous hud so you can change the colors of it to suit whatever occasion you wanted. There’s solid colors and also patterns. I went with a solid black, because.. well.. y’all know how much I love my black clothing. Plus I just wanted to wear my red lipstick because I think my avi looks better in it. So what better way to get a chance to wear it than with a little black dress. WHICH by the way.. EVERY female should own one and why not get one that has a butt ton of color options to fit your every need? The hair I paired it up with is a oldie but goodie from Exile. Ill forever love this hair. I don’t know if its the color I like about it so much or the style.. either way I always find myself going back to it so many months later. Now the heels.. I post the other day about those AMAZINGGGGG Reign Saturday Sale Peep Toe heels.. remember? Yes. Okay.. well I told you I bought 3 of the 4 options you could choose from and these are the Zebra print ones. I love zebra print. I always have and always will.. so my eyes are ALWAYS drawn to anything Zebra when it comes to SL. Its a Zebra print with a cute red heel and sole. Ugh.. I just love them so stinkin much and I really hope you went and snagged them before they were gone. The pose and prop I’m using in the top photo with the Piano is from Something Erotic which is my lovely friend, Miss Allys store. You get the piano and the pose in this little bundle of cuteness. I’ve been meaning to find a way to blog this and tonight I thought it was fitting enough to use in this post. If you haven’t checked out Something New/Erotic for props and poses you’re missing out, because Ally’s poses are seriously some of my favorites out there. Shes always finding rl photos and turning them into sl poses for us to use.


Dress: Twenty13 “Terani Sundress” {NEW!}
Hair: Exile “Crazy In Love”
Shoes: REIGN “Pattern Peeps” (Zebra) {NEW!} @ Saturday Sale 07.11.15
Pose: Something Erotic “Sweet Ballerina”

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