*Standing in the Storm*

“She stood in the storm and when the wind

did not blow her way she adjusted her sails.”




Hello to all you lovelies. Today I have a couple events I want to talk to you about. First off and most importantly The Lexi Project. If you have a SL Facebook Im sure youve heard of this event going on. This event is benefiting Lexi Zelin, owner of AngelRED, who was just diagnosed with cancer. 100% of all the sales will be given to Lexi to help while she fights this battle. Its so incredible to me that people in Second Life stand up and support, love, and care about people the way we do. You wouldnt really think that in this big SL world would we find such amazing people, but we do. And we cherish them, and are always willing to help with whatever we can when they are hurting. Its so beautiful. This event started July 26th. Tons of great designers have came together to help Lexi out in this time of need. Please be sure to hop on over tomorrow and grab some things to help her out. ♥  Also.. The Magna Fair started July 19th and runs through August 9th. That is where this adorable outfit I have on right now can be purchased. When MoDanna released this collection I was so ecstatic. How freaking adorable is this? Theres a lot of patterns to choose from and I had a hard time putting an outfit together from it because I just love them all. You can mix and match all the options a ton of different ways. MoDanna never disappoints me when it comes to new things they release. Its became one of my favorite stores very quickly. I just adore their items. And lastly the Hair Fair for 2015.. it ends today so you must run over while you can and grab all the goodies you can before its gone. I was rush shopping yesterday when I was told that it ends Sunday. I was in a flop panic sweat to teleport over there so fast, rushing through all the people trying to grab the main ones I wanted. And I LOVEE this hair that I have on here.. so stinkin adorable. So with all that being said.. ill stop writing so you can go shop! And dont forget to stop over by The Lexi Project most importantly. Hope everyone is doing well. Love you all!! ♥


Shirt: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Halter Top” (White)
Jacket: MoDANNA [Sakura Collection] “Pastel Jacket” (Lemon) {NEW!} @ Manga Fair
Skirt: MoDANNA [Sakura Collection] “Slit Micro-Skirt” (Stripes) {NEW!} @ Manga Fair
Hair: Runaway “Waterfall Hair” {NEW!} @ The Hair Fair 2015
Shoes: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “P.A.C. Chain Heels” (White) @ The Lexi Project
Tie: MoDANNA [Sakura Collection] “Tie” (Unicorn) {NEW!} @ Manga Fair


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