Hello all my loves!! Im back at yall again showing another creation for The Lexi Project. If youre not sure what The Lexi Project is and you didnt see my other post for it. This event is benefiting Lexi Zelin, owner of AngelRED, who was just diagnosed with cancer. 100% of all the sales will be given to Lexi to help while she fights this battle. Theres also other ways to donate to this without having to shop at the event. Lexi created a GoFundMe page.. which you can visit by clicking here. You can also donate to Lexi directly by sending Linden to her account. You can find her inworld. Please send it to Lexi Zelin or to TheLexiProject Resident. This is such a special event because you not only get to purchase cute clothing to keep yourself looking gorgeous, but youre also helping someone who needs all the support she can get right now. Its a win win all around. This outfit came from a dear friend of mine named Kilo. She has a store called KJIm inworld. She contacted me the other day asking if I would like to blog her outfit for The Lexi Project and I couldnt pass it up. Not just  because I adore her, but because anything I can do to show others the goodies at The Lexi Project I will do. Thank you so much Kilo for asking me to blog this for you because its always a honor when people come to me asking me to blog something they have created. Now.. once again.. stop reading and go on over to The Lexi Project and snag some goodies and help a great cause! ♥

Outfit: KJIm “Zula the Fighter” {NEW!} @ The Lexi Project
Hair: Little Bones “Like A Dude”


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