*Fade to black*

“She is made up of depths even the ocean could not fathom”


I told you all yesterday I was becoming a huge fan of Little Bones color huds and that you would see more of them in my blog posts.. well.. I wasnt lying lol. I recently went to their main store just to look around at some past event hair ive probably missed and just new releases in general. Went through everything, grabbing demos here.. demos there.. and then at the end I come to the Gift Section. Why was I not a member of Little Bones group before I have no idea. It cost 100L to join but its SO WORTH IT. Some gifts still out comes with all HUDs to work with, but others just come in certain colors. Kinda sucks, but luckily since Ive changed my hair color to this little beauty brow/red/whatever else awesome color that is lol. I lucked out and it was in all the packs she has for gifts. I was so exciteddddd!!!! So yes.. you pay 100L to join the group, but you get a ton of hair for like free! Totally worth it. Im sure everyone is already a member and im just a complete and total slow poke to jump on the band wagon, but at least now Im on it lol. The outfits top is something ive blogged before, but sometimes somethings dont go outta style and Blueberry is one of them. I adore this top so much and the quality of the leather jacket. Its just so real looking its insane. The skirt is from Cynful. Its the Bandau Skirt which has been released before, but shes going through everything and updating with all the appliers and mesh bodies. Actually this is one of my favorite Cynful skirts. Its so short and low cut its the right amount of sexy lol. If you arent wearing a mesh body though you WILL need to wear panties with this or the hoo-ha will be airing out, thats for sure lol. Unless… well.. you like to run around SL with  no panties on.. then.. whatever floats your boat. 😉


Top: Blueberry “Nicole Shoulder Jackets & Tank Tops”
Skirt: [Cynful] Clothing & Co “Bandau Skirt” {NEW!}
Hair: Little Bones “Wasted” {FREEBIE GIFT!}

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