*Te Amo*

Te amo, te amo, don’t it mean I love you




Happy Saturday everyone!! Im off today and tomorrow so that means Im hoping to put together more looks for my blog that I can post throughout next week, since Im going to be slammed at work irl again. Dont get me wrong, working this much means more money and Im so so so very thankful to have a job, but this is making me mentally exhausted. Blogging in Second Life has always been something I did to clear my mind. Take my mind off things and just get lost in playing dress up, and sharing it for the world to see. Thats actually the whole reason I created my blog in 2012. I was going through some stuff and I figured it would be a great thing to do while standing in my room doing absolutely nothing. Its also therapy for me as well. Im going to be talking about a couple events going on right now. The first one is Mesh Body Addict. If im not mistaken I think this is the first round of this event. It runs from August 1st-22nd. And MoDanna is participating in this event with not just the jeans I have on today, but also a couple other goodies Im sure Ill show you in posts to come. They come in all clothing layers, Appliers for Luck Azz, Banned Booty, Ulukie Ghetto, Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, TMP Bodies, and also Omega Script compatible as well. If you gotta second life body.. Modanna has you covered when it comes to these super cute high waist jeans. They are only 179L a piece with I think 6 colors to choose from.  The next event is To Be Outsider. The other day on a Facebook post a girl post a blog showing off a outfit. She had this shirt on and I fell in love. Im a huge lover of off the shoulder tops in SL. Idk why, but I just love the look of bare shoulders and long sleeves. I always have, even in real life. I seen the color was coral and then I knew I had to have this in my SLife. I havent ever been to To Be Outsider event so this was new for me. Im not really sure about the layout, but other than that it had some new designers I had never heard of and the top was actually to my surprise pretty cheap. Its less than 100L. I think maybe around the 80’ish Linden range. I snagged it up along with the shorts this designer had it paired up with. Im sure I could use those in another blog soon. After browsing around I came across these heels at the same event. They come with a color hud so you can choose from a TON of different colors to make these heels. Even down to the tiny details. I love a cute shoe that comes with so many different color options. It leaves so much room to wear these with almost anything. They are made for Belleza and slink feet. They were pretty reasonable on the price as well so I snagged them too. As for the hair.. Im a HUGE fan of Gatcha Yardsales. I HATE playing gatcha machines and refuse to so I just wait for yard sales and tell myself if I cant find it there.. I obviously didnt need it. Walking around different ones I came across this hair from Pr!tty. Im currently loving ombre hair and when I seen this pack had the ombre option and it was a fairly cheap price.. I knew it was mine. I wasnt sure if the hair would look good on me, but I think it was also around 80’ish Linden so if it looked like crap I could always just pass it to someone else since it was gatcha. Luckily I actually fell in love with this hair style. AND for some odd reason I fell in love with the blonde/pink ombre look. Maybe its because Ive changed my skin tone and blonde looks cute to me now or the fact Ive been trying out different hair colors the past few weeks. OR maybe its because coral looks so good on blondes. Either way.. I really like the blonde with this outfit so I kept it for this blog post. To match my shoes to the look I decided to pull out my Reign Sparkle bag I got a few months ago at Fameshed as their group gift. It also has a HUD you can change the color of the bag so making it this color looked perfect while tying my shoes into the look. To accessorize I knew I needed a necklace since my shoulders were bare. If shoulders are bare you always need some sort of necklace to make it look better. I dug this necklace outta my inventory. It was a 10L item I purchased on Marketplace forever ago. It comes with a color changer as well so its very useful with different looks. And for 10L you cant really beat that price at all. The store doesnt have a main store inworld I dont think and If im wrong and you know, please dont hesitate to tell me so I can go shop there lol. I didnt think to look for a inworld SLURL on the marketplace page. So Ive linked you right to the necklace so it will be a easy purchase.

I hope you all enjoy this colorful/summery look as much as I do. *Happy Shopping, Ladies!!*


Shirt: Missnoise Style “Blouse off Coral” {NEW!} @ To Be Outsider
Jeans: MoDANNA [Beaufort Collection] “High Waist Jeans” (Med Blue) {NEW!} @ Mesh Body Addict
Hair: Pr!tty “Loraine”
Heels: >Venus Shoes< “Shoes Lydia” {NEW!} @ To Be Outsider
Bag: REIGN “Sparkles Bags” (Was available at Fameshed as a gift)
Necklace: *MM* “Circle Charm Necklace”


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