Welcome Home, Daddy.


Sometimes after a long hard days work.. the best thing to come home to is a sexy, unexpected, love making session, am I right? The kind where youre anticipating him arriving home and trying to make the house spotless and sexual with lighting and candles and rose pedals. Then as he arrives and walks through the door his eyes are just on you and he could care less about the setup.. just takes in your beauty as you walk over to him and he slams you up against the wall and waste no time. Now thats what you call sexy.. although love making is great at time.. sometimes you just need to be fucked. 😉 Thats what this pose and prop brings to mind when I see it. It was created by the wonderful Ally at Something Erotic Props & Poses. This pose is called “Welcome Home” and I for one think its Justice’s favorite way to be welcomed home lol.  Although Im sure if I asked him… he would 100% agree with me. ❤


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