her darker side…


Everyone needs someone who can handle their darker side.

Any man can grab a woman by her hair, throw her on the bed and rip her clothing off. Sure he can tie her up, call her a ‘bitch’ or a ‘slut’ & have rough sex with her. But that is not dominance… that’s rough sex, maybe even violent sex. If shes into it, it can even be fun, but that’s still not true dominance. True dominance is the ability to whisper softly in her ear then observe as she obediently removes her clothing. Methodically… one piece at a time. Watching as she kneels before you offering her entire self to you. Willingly, without hesitation or reservation. She will show you her most vulnerable self without embarrassment or shame. You will know that nothing makes her happier than making you happy…


Prop & Pose: Something Erotic “Chokes you softly”

(Something Erotic is moving to the Marketplace for a few months.

Ive included the LM to Something New Props and Poses since nothing has

been added to the MP store yet. )


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