*Fall is in the air*



We are not perfect human beings,

nor do we have to pretend to be,

but it is necessary for us to be the best

version of ourselves we can be.

With my real life being so hectic this month it has left me slacking BIG TIME in the blogging world of October. Which makes me very sad considering this is the month I love the most when it comes to blogging because I get to bring out all these cool scary/horror’ish posts. I have yet gotten the chance to do that, so I’m hoping within the next week I can start rolling those out for everyone. 🙂 Until then I have this cute very fall like look for you girlies! I love this pull over from Cynful Clothing and the beanie craze Besom is on lately is giving me LIFE right now. I cant get over all these beanie hairs. I think I own them all that shes brought out recently and this is just one of the few Im in love with.

Dress: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Pull over” (Dark Blue) {NEW!} @ MIX
Hair: *Besom~ “Roulette” {NEW!} @ Fameshed
Shoes: Reign “Marlena Plats” {NEW!} @ Fameshed
Owl: Birdy “Hocus Pocus Owlie” (Brown)
Necklace: MG “Necklace Owl”


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