Fashionably Late


Is running late considered cardio? If so I would be the most in shape chick you would ever meet. Procrastination is my best friend. To be completely honest… im procrastinating right now as I type this blog post lol. Running late is probably the worst feeling in the world, but I swear I must enjoy it because I will FOREVER be that last one to arrive.. anywhere. Putting this outfit together it reminded me of something business like.. well besides the runs in my stockings.. but hello! I was running late! I didn’t have time to worry about that lol. So when I think of work I always think of running late. If I could sum myself up into one blog post it would have to be this one. Grab purse, coffee, and run out the door to the car hoping I can be only a couple minutes late for work where I don’t have to call my  boss and let her know because a couple minutes isn’t actually late.. well to me it isn’t lmao.

This outfit just reminded me of fall times and work days. Business classy, with a nice heel… cute hair and that Starbucks drink in hand. Can I talk about this hair for a moment though? I mean hello its freaking adorable. Browsing Flickr (which i do often) i came across a blogger search that was already over but I decided to check out the store anyways because I had never heard of it before. And oh my I fell in love! they don’t have a TON of hair out, but there’s a few I’m obsessed with and this is one of them. Maybe because it reminds me of a hair look I would actually do in rl? Idk.. but either way its cute and I’m now obsessed with lovey dovey hair 🙂 Run over and check out their store. They have a pony tail hair that I need to go pick up too. Ugh! Just love love love!

Now time for me to stop procrastinating and start actually getting ready to go finish the things I need to accomplish today before it gets much later. Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week. ♥



Coat: MoDanna “Faux-Peplum Coat” (Beige) [Merle Collection] {NEW!}
Hair: lovey dovey “Sodapop” {NEW!}
Shoes: Glamistry “Nemesia Ankle boots”
Stockings: BabyDoll “Ripped Stockings” (Black)
Bag: REIGN “Sparkle Bag”


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