As long as you love me so



“As long as you love me so, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

From the day that I met you,
I knew this feeling was different.
Your hair, your eyes, your smile,
Everything pulled me in.
It scared me, the things I felt for you.
It scared me, how much I cared.
But I knew you felt the same
By the way you looked at me,
And the way you talked to me,
And the way you cared about everything that happened to me.
From the days where we would sit laughing about nothing,
To those where you held me while I was crying,
I knew you were different.
And in those moments
I knew home was not a place.
Home was a feeling, and a feeling I only felt with you.

Both of these poses are from the wonderful Miss Ally♥ at Something New Props & Poses. Im soo so soooo in love with her winter poses. They are just absolutely beautiful. Best thing is.. they arent just poses, they come with props too. So the snow, grass, squirrel… trees.. all of it comes with the poses EXCEPT the snowman. He is mine and I added him in the background for a little more umph lol. Both of these poses can be found at The Frozzen Fair 2015 which runs from December 2nd through December 16th. They are seriously something you will want for your collection if youre looking for two adorably romantic snowy pictures for this holiday season. The top one is called “Winter Passions” and the bottom pose is “A Winters Kiss”




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