(( Her One, His Only))


When I look in your eyes, I don’t want to look away. I smile at every word that comes out of your mouth and when you smile back, I melt. Sometimes I wonder what I would do without you, not understanding how I got by before. You wrap your hands around my waist and the whole world disappears. When our hands touch, it sends shivers up my spine, and when you lean in and your lips brush mine I never want to let you go.


First off, I can NOT take credit for this photo. This photo was taken and edited by the lovely Miss Rayne. (Rayn3669 Resident) I had seen a rl photo and I knew I wanted to recreate it, but I just needed some help lol. I asked Miss Ally to see if she thought she could help us with the pose… and she did an amazing job. If you want a custom pose.. there’s no one else I would ever go to.  Then I contacted Rayne to see if she could take the photo for us. Let me just say she went above and beyond with it. It turned out even more amazing than I even had pictured in my head. First off we couldn’t find a good hat that said “Queen” & “King” so we just used normal hats and she thought up a way to incorporate those words on them. It was even more perfect than I thought it would be. Shes so talented when it comes to photos so if you’re looking for a pretty picture I suggest looking her up in world. You will thank me later. Thank you again to both Ally & Rayne for helping me with this pose/picture, because without them it would not have been able to happen and go above and beyond my expectations. I love you both to bits! ♥♥

You can purchase this pose in world too. Ally is selling it at her store, Something New Props & Poses. She even let me name it so it made me super happy! The pose is called “Her One, His Only” which is mine and Justices’ tags in SL. I thought it was very fitting. 🙂

If anyone was wondering what RL photo I took for the inspiration of this pose.. here it is. Ally did a wonderful job. Of course its not EXACT because sometimes in SL you just can’t make the poses the same because of how positioning the body in SL is different than RL, but she did an amazing job and I was just so excited and in love with it. And I also showed the photo to Rayne and she took inspiration from it for the final product on the picture. Its just… more than Id ever hoped for. I honestly cant thank them enough.


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