ITS A GIRL!! …Not really… Justice just has a virus (lol) but I felt like playing around and making the most of his sickness lol. He on the other hand didn’t find it as entertaining as I did. I’ve always loved the whole pregnancy thing in Second Life. I know a lot of people say its “weird” or “creepy” but personally I love it. I think its great because it allows so many people in RL who cant have babies to actually experience it somewhat through Second Life. I think that’s a beautiful thing. Justice actually asked me last night while doing this photo if I would ever do the whole pregnant thing in Second Life. I told him absolutely! Since I don’t have children in RL I think it would be fun. The whole thing from going to the doctor, to the ultrasounds they give you.. the little tummy talkers.. I think its cute. So if you think its creepy well.. we all are entitled to our opinions.. but I think its a beautiful thing. Miss Ally has created some lovely poses for an event to show off your baby bump to the world. I’ve always loved the way people can announce their pregnancy with photos now and how creative they can be. This one is just too darn cute to me. The man with his sympathy morning sickness.. its adorable. This pose comes with everything you see  here. And also comes in 3 different versions. You can choose between “Its a Girl”, “Its a Boy.” or “Its TWINS!” so she covered the whole thing for everyone. I adore it so so so much and knew I had to use this prop in a blog even though I’m not expecting.. so no one freak out lol. Maybe one day though 🙂


Something New Props & Poses : “Our Surprise” {NEW! EXCLUSIVE!} The Black Dot Event.



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