Curvy hips and pink lips


Hey yall!! Im so so excited to be able to FINALLY post this blog. Ive been holding out on it for awhile now and I was given the “OK” to do so Wednesday morning. If some of yall didnt know.. The Pose Shop decided to rebrand itsself to Jackalope. And there will be CLOTHESSSSSS!!!!!! Not just poses… but… CLOTHES TOO!!! AQhhkjafkljdks and Im bringing to you this fuckin adorable shirt. It comes with a hud and has solids and sayings versions. This one Im wearing is one of my favorites. Theres also another version that says “The bags under my eyes are designer” ugh im just so in love. The back of the top reveals some of your back and its looped together with little strings that also have a color change hud. I have a couple other things shes sent me to blog for yall too and yall.. seriously.. this dress that shes made makes me girly squeeeeee. I cant wait to show it to yall. The jeans I paired with this top are the new ones out from Addams. The things these jeans do to my butt and hips are just :DD and hair is Stealthic. Im sucha lover of their hair. Its basically all Ive been wearing for a few months now. The texture and flow to their hair is just unreal.

Shirt: JACKALOPE “Laced-up Lucy Top” {NEW}

Also, if you’re looking for anything from The Pose Shop, there is a TP point when you land at the new shop.. or you can check on MP for older items.

Jeans: Addams “Ornella High Rise Jeans” (N*10) {NEW!}
Hair: Stealthic “Vapor”



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