I dont know how Heaven could be better than this..

This is perfect
Come kiss me one more time
I couldn’t dream this up
Even if I tried
You and me in this moment
Feels like magic only
I’m right where I wanna be
Everybody’s talking about heaven like they just can’t wait to go
Saying how it’s gonna be so good, so beautiful
Lying next to you, in this bed with you, I ain’t convinced
‘Cause, I don’t know how, I don’t know how heaven, heaven
Could be better than this

Top: Addams “Robyn Crop Top”
Jeans: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Groovy Tweed Pants” {NEW!} @ Collabor88 November
Hair: Lamb “Dream”
[[*Backdrop and Pose*]]
Backdrop: FOXCITY “Photo Booth – City Life” {NEW!} @ Uber
Pose: Ana Poses “Behind your eyes” {NEW!} @ Dubai Event

LOTD *04.29.18*

Hello my loves!! Today Im bringing to you a look that Im absolutely obsessed with. First off.. lemme just say.. Addams has been draining my bank from all these super freakin cute new releases they’ve been putting out. This jogger and jacket combo is one of them. 1.) It hugs every curve on your body perfectly. 2.) It be makin that booty look sooooo damn good lol. Okay, so, I’ve always wanted body glitter in sl. PRAISE THE LORD that Cynthia made some for us that isn’t just a body applier that looks like crap. This is an actual attachment that you add to your body. It sparkles, it glitters, it has a ton of color options to choose from, and it fits perfectly inside most of my clothing. The bottom glitter peeked through the joggers so i took it off, but it worked perfectly with the top. Ugh! Im just so in love with it and will probably never take it off. So if you were worried about only being able to wear it with a naked body or bikini.. wrong! Play around with it with different outfits because its fitting nicely under a lot of my stuff. Im so super picky when it comes to hair in sl. Thankfully though Foxy has been knocking it out the park for me. I was scared this hair wouldn’t look that great on its own, but I was wrong! A lot of hair that’s made to fit under clothing and then has an option to wear without it being under clothing sometimes looks wonky if not worn under the clothing item it was made for. This new collaboration hair from Foxy is perfection. It comes with a few different ways to style it and Im just in awe at how perfect it is. And what better way to top off an outfit with some glitter than with some glittery eye shadow as well. Im such a huge fan of Studio Exposure makeup. 9 times out of 10 thats what Im ALWAYS wearing in any blog that I post. And with this shadow being a group gift its even better because its free! Foxcity recently released a new set of face lights. I’ve never been a huge fan of face lights because they always get negative things said about them because people dont know when to take them off lol. I love foxcity though so I decided to give these a try. And I must say.. if you’re a blogger or one that like doing photos these are a must have. They come in face lights that can be used for dark WL or bright WL. While testing them out I knew they would have to be incorporated into some of my next few blog posts. They’re stunning and since this is Vol 1.. im really hoping theres more volumes to come. ♥

Top & Bottoms: Addams “Cinthya Sport Jacket & Jogger” {NEW!}
Body Glitter: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Stripper Body Dust” {NEW!}
Shoes: Reign “Platform Flip Flops”
Hair: #FOXY “Mishi Hair” {NEW!}
Choker: Reign “Tattoo Choker”
Facelight: Foxcity “SkinFX Vol 1” {NEW!}
Makeup: Studio Exposure “April Gift Collection” {NEW!} (Group Gift)

[[*DECOR & POSE*]]
All decor and backdrop is NEW from JACKALOPE at OMG! Oh My Gacha.
“CityScapes Gacha – Backdrop 02 – Rare”
(The Vines are a add-on. Can be removed)
“Spring lights”
“Bus Stop 01”
“Trash Cans Full”
“Trash Cans Covered”
“Pay Phone” – Also comes with its own pose included.
“Bench – Light” – Comes with its own pose included.
“Stop sign”
“Graffiti with Pose 02”
“Graffiti with Pose 01”
“Curtain – Black”
“Curtain – Yellow”
Pose #1: Pay Phone built in pose thats part of the group of gachas from Jackalope at OMG Gacha.
Pose #2: FoxCity “Dare to fly” (Group Gift)

Curvy hips and pink lips


Hey yall!! Im so so excited to be able to FINALLY post this blog. Ive been holding out on it for awhile now and I was given the “OK” to do so Wednesday morning. If some of yall didnt know.. The Pose Shop decided to rebrand itsself to Jackalope. And there will be CLOTHESSSSSS!!!!!! Not just poses… but… CLOTHES TOO!!! AQhhkjafkljdks and Im bringing to you this fuckin adorable shirt. It comes with a hud and has solids and sayings versions. This one Im wearing is one of my favorites. Theres also another version that says “The bags under my eyes are designer” ugh im just so in love. The back of the top reveals some of your back and its looped together with little strings that also have a color change hud. I have a couple other things shes sent me to blog for yall too and yall.. seriously.. this dress that shes made makes me girly squeeeeee. I cant wait to show it to yall. The jeans I paired with this top are the new ones out from Addams. The things these jeans do to my butt and hips are just :DD and hair is Stealthic. Im sucha lover of their hair. Its basically all Ive been wearing for a few months now. The texture and flow to their hair is just unreal.

Shirt: JACKALOPE “Laced-up Lucy Top” {NEW}

Also, if you’re looking for anything from The Pose Shop, there is a TP point when you land at the new shop.. or you can check on MP for older items.

Jeans: Addams “Ornella High Rise Jeans” (N*10) {NEW!}
Hair: Stealthic “Vapor”


HE would always be the WAR she was willing to fight in.



I look at you and I understand why the sun sets every night so you can sleep. I understand why the moon stays wide awake while watching your chest rise and fall — bathed in it’s glow. I understand how important your presence is in this Universe, and I will spend light- years if need be, to make you believe. 

Top: Addams “Della Tank Top”
Skirt: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Play Back Mini” {NEW!}  [[Thank you, Cyn]]
Hair: :::Phoenix::: “Fiona Hair”
Shoes: REIGN “Hermosa Wedges v2” (Group Gift)
Prop & Pose: the pose shop. “penumbra pergola” {NEW!} @ Black Dot Project  [[Thank you, Piper]]


Stop in for a treat at The Sugar Bowl




“Chocolate is cheaper than therapy. And you don’t need to make an appointment.” 

*Happy Saturday, loves!* Wandering around on Flickr one day I came across a post that made my heart just break. It was basically the owner of the pose shop Exposure pouring her heart out about her fur-baby. You know me.. I have the hugest heart when it comes to animals. Reading this just broke me. Basically her little cat that shes had for years is in some trouble and needs some medical things taken care of. The owner of the store isn’t asking for hand outs, didn’t create a ‘go fund me’ like so many other people I see do even for the smallest things. Shes simply discounting her props and poses in hopes that people will go there and shop and she can turn her SL L$ into RL dollars to help pay for her cats medical issues. My heart just sobbed as my eyes did reading this. Since just recently losing a pet myself I wanted to help her in any way I could. I post the link on Facebook in hopes others would see it, shared it with my mom, and then I ran to the store. I had never been there before nor had I ever heard of this pose shop. I’m sad I didn’t know about it sooner because her pose props are AMAZING!!!! I fell in love. First floor of her store is just single poses and couples poses. I ended up spending all the L$ I had at the time down there. Then I wander around the store and find a place to click to be tp’d to the pose prop selection. I drop in there and was in awe at all her stuff. How did I not know about this place? I started buying basically everything she had and trying everything out. Single pose packs are 50L and pose props are 100L. It really is a steal. Above is her pose prop for “The Sugar Shop.” What female doesn’t love candy, chocolate, and all things sweet in between? I quickly snagged up this one in hopes to make a blog post soon so I could share with everyone this story. If you’d like to read the blog post I did.. you can click here. But I warn you.. grab the tissues first. I plan on going back and buying more and if I don’t make it back before the sale is over I’m just going to DM the owner herself and donate money directly. My heart holds too much love for animals to not want to continue to help her. 

Now onto the outfit… I’ve been a HUGE shopper at Addams recently since buying my Slink Hourglass mesh body. I’ve always been a lover of Addams clothing before, but now I just think it compliments my shape well. The pants I have on is a new release from MoDanna for this current round of AnyBody. They are high waist pants that snug every inch and curve of your body. I love them. Yet have that classy business look to them too. Also available in the hourglass shape which made me even more happy. I paired this outfit up with some cute heels from Reign and my hair is a new Burley release. I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS HAIR! Seriously it just screams the hair style I love in RL and SL. A cute side swooped bang, some poof at the crown, and long and flowing. Nothing over the top, nothing too blah. Cute to be worn to work, out to party, and everything in between. This is a must have hair for every female in SL imo. 

Hope y’all enjoyed this blog post and please please please take the time to check out the link I post above and GO check out that store. I promise you wont be disappointed. 


Top: Addams “Top Heart” (Brown)
Pants: MoDanna “High Waist Pants” (Marine) {NEW!} @ AnyBody Feb 2016
Hair: Burley “Audrey” {NEW!}
Shoes: Reign “Oakley Heels”
Pose: Exposure “The Sugar Bowl”