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Cynful Clothihng & Co. “Andrea’s Top Set” {NEW!} @ FaMESHed June
Cynful Clothing & Co. “Andrea’s Split Skirt” {NEW!} @ FaMESHed June
Stealthic “Fatal”


.:Avanti:. “Aina Shades” ((Saturday Sale 06.29.19))
IDTTY FACES “Yaletown Girl” (Genus)
REIGN “Bubble Tea” (Milk Tea)
Minimal “Levi Necklace”
E.Marie “Keep it Simple 1”


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Her wicked assault…


You love being cock drunk, don’t you? You enjoy what brings you to this point, don’t you. When his cock feels so fucking good that you desire to own it as yours. Taking him deep, holding it as you grab his ass cheeks and pull him as deep as possible. Him releasing as you gasp for breath. Saliva strings heavy as they hang from your lips to the tip of his cock. Regaining your breath and without hesitation taking him deep again. His moan growls as his hands push you further. Unwavering as he loses his balance and stumbles back growling, “FUCK”. Pulling back and breathless as you utter, “You like that don’t you, Daddy”?

Your eyes mesmerized and your intention is piercing as you stroke his messy saliva drenched cock. Stroking hard as you intensely moan, “Your going to give me what I want. Your are going to cum and give me my reward, Daddy”! Without hesitation, you assault his cock like a shutter flapping in the wind. Sucking like you needed his warm, thick cum to survive. Caught off guard and overwhelmed in your assault, he braces himself for the pleasure is beyond words. He growls loud, “I’m cumming” and your lips plant to his hips as his explosion rips through his shaft. Your eyes stare at his as you take each spurting explosion. Remaining hip locked even as his cock throbs until you have every last drop. Releasing as you slide off and swallowing as you release his tip. Exhausted as he catches his breath with the aftermath still hanging from your wicked assault…




Hair: Clawtooth “Ruby Starlight”
Skirt: Bishes Inc. “Booty Skirt” (Leo) {Saturday Sale 01.16.16}
Stockings: .:Avanti:. “Discord Stockings” (Black) {Saturday Sale 01.16.16}
Choker: MoDANNA “Leash Choker” (Gold Black) [Enlace Collection] {NEW!} @ Kinky Monthly