that last summer breeze

At the beach, life is different.
Time doesn’t move hour to hour
but mood to moment. We live
by the currents, plan by the tides,
and follow the sun.

Top: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Heat Bikini”
Shorts: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Star Girl Outfit” {NEW}
Hat: JACKALOPE “Floppy Beach Hat”
Pose: Something New Props & Poses “Beach House”


He’s that person

Hes that person I can have fun with 

no matter where we are or what were doing.

Bikini: [Cynful] Clothing “Heat Bikini” {NEW!} in Luxe Box June 2017
Hair: Lamb “Ask” (gacha)
Pose #1: Something New “Sandy Cuddles” {NEW!} @ TWE12VE
Pose #2: Something New “Some Ice with That” {NEW!} @ TWE12VE

Lets take a dip


Good Morning, everyone! Does anyone else enjoy receiving compliments from random females? Not in the “I wanna lick your vagina” way thats all weird and creepy, but in the genuine way where they just randomly compliment your avatar or look. As soon as I landed at this location I had a male and a female both in my box telling me how cute they thought I looked. Its always flattering when other females go outta there way to say something nice to another female. Kinda makes my day and restores my faith with the cattiness and shady females of SL lol. Anyways.. the thing I love about spring/summer time is the fact all these designers make bikinis. Ive been lovin the rl designs people have been putting together for bathing suits and was hoping some of that inspiration would carry over for SL when it comes to swimwear. Can we just discuss the fatpack Cynful has put together for this bikini at Whimsical? O.M.G it is to die for. Seriously.. the mixing and matching and the added fp bonus colors.. you cant go wrong with it. There is SO many options for this bikini that its insane. They even created this cute little body chain to go with the bikini that ALSO comes in a ton of different colors to mix and match with whatever color you decided on. The possibilities are really endless with this whole look. Its one you want to splurge and grab the whole thing, girls. Trust me.


Bikini: Cynful “Poolside Bikini” {NEW!} @ Whimsical
Body Chain: Cynful Clothing “Poolside – Bodychain” {NEW!} @ Whimsical
Hair: [RA] “Jill Hair”


The sound and smell of the sea will forever clean my soul. 



Theres just something about being at a beach in Second Life that is so relaxing. Just sitting and taking in the beautiful creations that people take their time to put together for our viewing pleasure. This beach was gorgeous and with the boat in the background reminded me of just a peaceful day at the beach. This dress by Pink Sugah gave me that beachy feel so I knew I had to show its beauty to you on a nice little beach. As always it comes in a variety of different colors to choose from, but being from Kentucky and loving me some Kentucky Blue I had to go with this one to blog. Its at AnyBody this round so be sure to go check it out before the round is over and they change for next month. The hair is new from Lamb and available at Collabor88 this round. I seriously spent a good 5k at that place this month. I havent been so excited for a round of C88 as I was this one. Being as though it was their Birthday round it seemed as if everyone put in a little extra time in their release for it. And Lamb Hair was one of those… I ended up purchasing both releases from them. Both are absolutely gorgeous!!





Dress: .:Pink Sugah:. “Relentless” (Aloha Blue) {NEW!} @ AnyBody August Round
Hair: Lamb “Bee” {NEW!} @ Collabor88

Warm Water & Sun Rays




What better way to start off the moth of Junes blog posts than with a bikini post. Summer is right around the corner, but that doesn’t stop us southerners from getting out on the lake a little early. Waters warm, sun is hot.. and nothing better than being on the beach laying out enjoying good friends, good beer, sun and the water. The bikini I’m bringing to y’all today is from Twenty13. I was so excited about it and about blogging it for y’all. It comes with a HUD so you can choose from tons of different colors. You can even mix and match them. I was going to, but I thought the green was gorgeous and I wore red hair and it took me back to the Little Mermaid lol. I felt like Ariel while taking these photos. Hopefully you visited Kustom 9 last round because you could have gotten these great sunglasses there as a fat pack with a cute pair of heels. If you didn’t though you can always visit Glamistry’s main location and pick them up. I love these glasses and the options you have to change the colors and stuff are unlimited.


Bikini: Twenty13 “Bratty Kini” {NEW!}
Hair: Soonsiki “Breeze”
Sunglasses: Glamistry “Sunglasses”

*Drunk Lifeguard on Duty*






Ahhhh!! I dont know why I havent blogged these poses sooner. gahh! I LOVE THEM! Anywho.. these are all fabulous poses you can get at the HeatWave Gatcha event from Something New. All these poses and props you see come with the pose. There were two other poses  I didnt post but they are couples poses and I didnt get a chance to do them. SUPER CUTE poses btw.. so you need to hurry over before the 30th and snag them. In the last picture I got drunk on my floatie and lost my top. Tequila really does make her clothes fall off. 😉 The bikini comes with the flip flops and another pair of sneakers. They fit Slink feet too. I was sooooo impressed with this outfit because I was just in a rush to find something fast that was along the lines of a lifeguard type thing. Browsing MP I found this. Top and bottoms are both mesh.. extremely well made, comes with a couple props (which arent used in these photos) and two different kinds of shoes. SO SO CUTE and only 199L.


Bikini: Kotora Blue “Little Red Lifeguard FitMesh Bikini”
Hair: Truth Hair “Nissa”
Pose #1: .:Something New:. “Babe Watch Beauty 1” {NEW!} @ HeatWave Gatcha Event
Pose #2: .:Something New:. “Babe Watch Beauty 2” (Rare Gatcha) {NEW!} @ HeatWave Gatcha Event
Pose #3: .:Something New:. “Handstand 4” {NEW!} @ HeatWave Gatcha Event
Pose#4: .:Something New:. “Purple Float Couple” (Rare Gatcha) {NEW!} @ HeatWave Gatcha Event
Pose #5: .:Something New:. “Orange Float” {NEW!} @ HeatWave Gatcha Event


*Sometimes its best to get away*




Happy Friday Y’all. Hope your day starts off better than mine. Woke up sneezing all over the place. These allergies are absolutely driving me insane. Its supposed to rain some today so hopefully that settles some of this pollen. After waking up to all that I shortly after hear a buzzing noise in my room and a flippin WASP was in my bedroom. Like okay seriously.. how does that even happen? I know he didnt fly through the front door and no one noticed him and he made his way back to my bedroom and in my window. He had to get in through somewhere so now im lookin for holes everywhere, but finding nothing. Smh.. ridiculous. This is why I never complain about winter/fall being cold. I enjoy it. I dont have allergies then and I dont have to deal with the bees/wasps/hornets of any kind flying around. Sping/Summer you will hear me constantly complain about it being hot, sweating, and bees lol. Its funny how some people are scared of some things and to other people it doesnt bother them. Guess thats what makes us all unique. 🙂


I always get distracted when just randomly talking to yall.. now onto the outfit. This is a new release from Pink Sugah for the Boobs, Butts, & Beyond event going on right now until May 30th. This bikini comes in a variety of different colors to choose from as well with these cute little ruffles on the boobies and the butt part. Now you will have to adjust the ruffles to get the perfect for for your avi since everyone is shaped a little different. I suck at adjusting things in sl so if I can do it I know you can too. Just takes a couple minutes. I really loved the colors this bikini came in and it took me forever to decide on a color to blog for yall, but I decided on this one. I thought it went really well and popped on my skin color. Plus I like the softness of it. Its also comes with the Brazilia, Ghetto, Phat Azz, Tango/Lush/Evo, and WowMeh Appliers. Now onto the toes… at the time of blogging these I only had the slink feet because I debated on getting the slink hands for so long. I felt as though I looked like a T-rex when I danced with those little slink hands. Hahah. Although now I have went ahead, broke down, and purchased them. So all Im modeling for you today in this post is the toenails. It does come with a fingernail/toenail set. Super cute and comes in a ton of colors to choose from as well with a very user friendly hud.

I hope yall enjoy! And always until next time..


Outfit: .:Pink Sugah:. “Ruffle” (Spring Tropicals) {NEW!} @ Boobs, Butts and Beyond

Hair: Magika “Road”

Toenails: .twenty13. “Butterfly 01” (Slink Enhance fingernails/toes) {NEW!} 



*Seashores of old Mexico*



Happy…ermm… what is today? Tuesday.. yes Happy Tuesday. Jeez… its only Tuesday? Wow this is going to be a super slow week. Any who I hope everyone is doing okay especially with all the storms that are passing through the south. I know Arkansas got some tornadoes and I want to send anyone living in that area all my love and prayers. ♥ We were supposed to get hit pretty rough with them yesterday but luckily, praise jesus the must have shifted just a tiny bit and missed my town. Which is good because while Im at work Im terrified of stuff like that. If Im at home Im okay weird I know. Enough about bad, crazy, tornado weather though. Im bringing to you a fun beach look featuring the new unisex tripp shorts from .twenty13. These come in a variety of colors and styles to choose from. I liked these because well.. they are pink and I love pink. I also liked the way it was paired up with orange. I threw on a Mon Cheri bikini top and I was off for a day in the sun on the beach. You can only get these shorts at the Spring Break Fair which is running from now until May 9th so you still have some time to go but not very long. Hope everyone is doing fabulous today and stay safe. Much love to you all and until next time..


Top: *MC* “Bow Bikini 3-pack” (Black)

Shorts: .twenty13. “Ladies Tripp Shorts” (Iconic) {NEW!} @ Spring Break Fair

Hair: Maitreya “Siobhan”



*I close my eyes & I see you standing there.*

“I close my eyes and I see you standing there. I reach for you and you vanish in thin air.

Couldn’t take the time to say Goodbye. Ripped out my heart and left me here to die.

I’m black and blue…”


“You took everything that I have to give, you even took

away my will to live.. i’m black & blue.”

New release from [Cynful] Clothing & Co + Lil’Lace. This is a Swag Suit in 3 colors to choose from. The one I have on today is “Trashed Aqua.” I love these swag suits.. You can use them for numerous occasions in SL. You can get these at The Dressing Room Fusion. Get yours today before its gone. 🙂

Poses: :Belle Poses: “Females Single Set 1”