beat the odds

All of the best love stories
have one thing in common,
you have to go against the
odds to get there.
Through it all, not matter what,
soulmates always end up together.

Pose: SE “Wicked Candy” {NEW!} -Something Erotics Group Gift for June-


He’s my person and I’m his.

He’s the purest form of love. The kind of love that you can only dream of. When you’re best friends, yet also lovers and nothing is expected from either of you. He’s like a sunrise – he always brightens up the dark. Every fear, every insecurity you have, he finds beauty in it and it makes you fall in love with him even more. You look at him knowing that he’s not going anywhere, no matter how often you create scenarios in your head that he will. When he says he loves you, you know that he means it, cause he’d never tell you a lie or say something he doesn’t mean. He’s honest and kind; he makes sure you always know your worth. There is not a single shallow bone in his body. Everything is taken into consideration; all of your feelings and words and doubts, he considers it all. And he knows you better than you think you know yourself – he knows you better than most people, actually. He’s my person and I’m his.

Dress: JACKALOPE “Darla Dress” {NEW!} @ Suicide Dollz
Hair: [RA] “Fiona Hair”
Pose: {Rose & Thorn} Poses “date night with my love”

My Wonderwall ♥



Never in a million years did I think I’d find
someone so utterly and completely perfect,
someone who would make me happier than
I ever dreamed I could be, someone that would
touch my life so profoundly and just give me a whole
new reason to breathe. But then I found you and realized
that everything I anticipated you to be doesn’t even
compare to who you are.

Pose: Something New Props & Poses “First Kiss”
Dress: Blueberry “Piki” (Black) {NEW!}
Hair: Runaway “Joanne” {NEW!} @ Hairology
Heels: Jackalope “Vivien Boots” {NEW!} @ Suicide Dollz


‘Cause every cold nigga need a bitch that’s ten times colder


He love that I say what I feel
He feel what I say ’cause it’s real
You couldn’t forget, I never changed up on my set
And I only make calls to collect, that’s why we connect
We can go half on a jet, baby we on to the next
Fuck all the stress
Fuckin’ with bitches who’s new to the game when you got you a vet
I know you like it when I act like I’m still shy
Then turn around and put that thing in overdrive
I’m down to ride
I’ma keep you on my shoulder
‘Cause every cold nigga need a bitch that’s ten times colder

I cross my t’s and dot my i’s yeah I’m for real (yeah, I’m for real)
He hold me down (she hold me down)
Yeah that’s my shit (that’s my shit)
He buy whatever (buy whatever)
He know the drill (know the drill)
Don’t need no pill (no pill, no)
He whispered in my ear and told me feel, feel, feel, oh, oh, oh

Dress: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Gold Digger Dress” {NEW!} @ C88 Jan 2017
Hair: Stealthic “Captivated”


Twin Flames


She stood before him just as she was made to be, no lies, no judgement, no fake smile. She showed him the storm that raged within her, the strength of her heart, the stubbornness of her will and the soul that burned like fire and he…. he took all she had to offer, saw the beauty amongst the chaos, stared every flaw, every doubt and every fear in the face. He saw her spirit and ran free with it, he showed her the fire that ran wild within his own soul and together, despite the storms of life, together they set each other ablaze and danced in the flames.

Pose: Something Erotic “Her Touch” {NEW!}

Two halves of the same soul.


May you both love happily ever after♥

With this post I took a lil different route and asked my beautiful mother, Angie and my Stepdad, Marco to pose for me. I’d like to thank them both, again for allowing me to use them in my blog post and pose on this sweet pose for me. Thank you so much! I love you both big bunches. ♥

Pose: Something New Props & Poses “Our Safe Place”

His daily routine.


She was a form of
divine chaos most
men could not understand.
In the daylight she
needed soft words of
love and a hand to
hold onto.
But at nighttime,
she wanted nothing
more than her hair
to be pulled and
a red hand print 
across her ass to
remind her she was
still alive.

Pose: Something Erotic “Good Morning”

This pose comes with its own prop of a desk and breakfast. 

I decided to take Ally’s pose and switch it up a little bit with my 

own decor. You will not get what you see here other than the pose.

But you will get a cute little table, the magazine, the coffee, and breakfast.


Your Love


They didn’t have a “normal” relationship.
They teased each other.
They play hit each other.
They called each other names, but underneath that
anyone could see how much they cared, because if
you listened closely to every joking
Shut up!” there was an
I love you” inside it.

Pose: Something New Props & Poses “His Stare”

(( Her One, His Only))


When I look in your eyes, I don’t want to look away. I smile at every word that comes out of your mouth and when you smile back, I melt. Sometimes I wonder what I would do without you, not understanding how I got by before. You wrap your hands around my waist and the whole world disappears. When our hands touch, it sends shivers up my spine, and when you lean in and your lips brush mine I never want to let you go.


First off, I can NOT take credit for this photo. This photo was taken and edited by the lovely Miss Rayne. (Rayn3669 Resident) I had seen a rl photo and I knew I wanted to recreate it, but I just needed some help lol. I asked Miss Ally to see if she thought she could help us with the pose… and she did an amazing job. If you want a custom pose.. there’s no one else I would ever go to.  Then I contacted Rayne to see if she could take the photo for us. Let me just say she went above and beyond with it. It turned out even more amazing than I even had pictured in my head. First off we couldn’t find a good hat that said “Queen” & “King” so we just used normal hats and she thought up a way to incorporate those words on them. It was even more perfect than I thought it would be. Shes so talented when it comes to photos so if you’re looking for a pretty picture I suggest looking her up in world. You will thank me later. Thank you again to both Ally & Rayne for helping me with this pose/picture, because without them it would not have been able to happen and go above and beyond my expectations. I love you both to bits! ♥♥

You can purchase this pose in world too. Ally is selling it at her store, Something New Props & Poses. She even let me name it so it made me super happy! The pose is called “Her One, His Only” which is mine and Justices’ tags in SL. I thought it was very fitting. 🙂

If anyone was wondering what RL photo I took for the inspiration of this pose.. here it is. Ally did a wonderful job. Of course its not EXACT because sometimes in SL you just can’t make the poses the same because of how positioning the body in SL is different than RL, but she did an amazing job and I was just so excited and in love with it. And I also showed the photo to Rayne and she took inspiration from it for the final product on the picture. Its just… more than Id ever hoped for. I honestly cant thank them enough.