LOTD *04.29.18*

Hello my loves!! Today Im bringing to you a look that Im absolutely obsessed with. First off.. lemme just say.. Addams has been draining my bank from all these super freakin cute new releases they’ve been putting out. This jogger and jacket combo is one of them. 1.) It hugs every curve on your body perfectly. 2.) It be makin that booty look sooooo damn good lol. Okay, so, I’ve always wanted body glitter in sl. PRAISE THE LORD that Cynthia made some for us that isn’t just a body applier that looks like crap. This is an actual attachment that you add to your body. It sparkles, it glitters, it has a ton of color options to choose from, and it fits perfectly inside most of my clothing. The bottom glitter peeked through the joggers so i took it off, but it worked perfectly with the top. Ugh! Im just so in love with it and will probably never take it off. So if you were worried about only being able to wear it with a naked body or bikini.. wrong! Play around with it with different outfits because its fitting nicely under a lot of my stuff. Im so super picky when it comes to hair in sl. Thankfully though Foxy has been knocking it out the park for me. I was scared this hair wouldn’t look that great on its own, but I was wrong! A lot of hair that’s made to fit under clothing and then has an option to wear without it being under clothing sometimes looks wonky if not worn under the clothing item it was made for. This new collaboration hair from Foxy is perfection. It comes with a few different ways to style it and Im just in awe at how perfect it is. And what better way to top off an outfit with some glitter than with some glittery eye shadow as well. Im such a huge fan of Studio Exposure makeup. 9 times out of 10 thats what Im ALWAYS wearing in any blog that I post. And with this shadow being a group gift its even better because its free! Foxcity recently released a new set of face lights. I’ve never been a huge fan of face lights because they always get negative things said about them because people dont know when to take them off lol. I love foxcity though so I decided to give these a try. And I must say.. if you’re a blogger or one that like doing photos these are a must have. They come in face lights that can be used for dark WL or bright WL. While testing them out I knew they would have to be incorporated into some of my next few blog posts. They’re stunning and since this is Vol 1.. im really hoping theres more volumes to come. ♥

Top & Bottoms: Addams “Cinthya Sport Jacket & Jogger” {NEW!}
Body Glitter: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Stripper Body Dust” {NEW!}
Shoes: Reign “Platform Flip Flops”
Hair: #FOXY “Mishi Hair” {NEW!}
Choker: Reign “Tattoo Choker”
Facelight: Foxcity “SkinFX Vol 1” {NEW!}
Makeup: Studio Exposure “April Gift Collection” {NEW!} (Group Gift)

[[*DECOR & POSE*]]
All decor and backdrop is NEW from JACKALOPE at OMG! Oh My Gacha.
“CityScapes Gacha – Backdrop 02 – Rare”
(The Vines are a add-on. Can be removed)
“Spring lights”
“Bus Stop 01”
“Trash Cans Full”
“Trash Cans Covered”
“Pay Phone” – Also comes with its own pose included.
“Bench – Light” – Comes with its own pose included.
“Stop sign”
“Graffiti with Pose 02”
“Graffiti with Pose 01”
“Curtain – Black”
“Curtain – Yellow”
Pose #1: Pay Phone built in pose thats part of the group of gachas from Jackalope at OMG Gacha.
Pose #2: FoxCity “Dare to fly” (Group Gift)

Anchors Aweigh



Hey Yall!!

How stinkin cute is this outfit? While putting it together and trying to grab inspiration… I absolutely fell in love with it. The top is from MoDanna and comes in a few other options to choose from. The skirt is from Cynful and comes with a HUD so you can change whether you wear a belt with it or not and options for colors are endless. This necklace… well.. its actually for men, but Im a sucker when it comes to anchors so I knew I had to use it in this blog post. Its at the Boys of the Summer Event and 50% off AND EXCLUSIVE to this event. EEKK!!! It comes with a 32 texture HUD so it will basically go with anything you can possibly think of. I think men and women should pick it up to be honest, because it seriously is THAT CUTE! And one of the color options for the anchor is this gorgeous rose gold color. Im so in love with the color Rose Gold recently. I think its just so so so fitting for summer time. Gorgeous!! Poses are from Something New and actually comes with a pose prop and the single poses. Im not using the pose prop here, but its cute little stairs that you can stand on. Its actually meant to show off your shoes, but as you can see here Im not using it for that so the poses are very versatile. LOVE this outfit. I might be wearing it in world for awhile, so get used to seeing it on me and dont come up to me telling me I stink 🙂 Because Ill just rub my armpit in your face rofl! Happy Saturday, everyone!! ❤


Shirt: MoDANNA “Knotted T-Shirt Stripes” [Infallible Collection] {NEW!}
Skirt: Cynful Clothing & Co. “Little Denim Skirt”
Necklace: T13 “Nautical Anchor Necklace” {NEW!} @ Boys of Summer Event
Hair: Truth Hair “Esther”
Poses: Something New “Stairway to shoes” (Poses 3 & 4) {NEW!} @ The Olala Event

*New from !Soul.. gorgeous dresses*



Hey everyone! Today Im bringing to you the newest release from !Soul. These dresses come in 8 designs and also come with Lola & Lush Appliers, Gloves, a fur collar (which is optional) and whats also cute about this dress is you get 2 dresses in 1. You get a longer version of the dress along with a mini short cocktail type version. Very cute! The one Im wearing is my by far favorite.. although I think the white one would be cute for a after wedding ceremony dress. Ive always been a fan of a wedding dress during the wedding then changing into something a little less fluffy and big for the reception. I think the white one would be perfect for that. Run and snag all these up ladies. Tons of color options and gorgeous detail.


Dress: !Soul “Obscure”

!Soul’s Marketplace store click here

Hair: Truth Hair “Fernanda”

Jewelry: Earthstones “Diamond tennis bracelet, earrings, & necklace”


*Sweater Weather*



Here is a new dress brought to you from Sugar & Cyanide. Im a huge lover of Sweater Dresses so of course I love this one. Sweater dresses are the perfect combo of sexy and comfy. And since I love the Fall Season anything that reminds me of real life fall clothing I automatically fall in love with. The dress I’m wearing today is called “Sweater Dress” in the color “Autumn.” She also has a few other colors you can choose from. Dont let this one slip by you girls. This is def something you want for you closet. 🙂

*Work B!tch*







Ive ran a little behind on blogging recently. Ive just had so much stuff going on in my real life. So i figured I would group a few of the new Sugar & Cyanide outfits together in the same post. 🙂 I hope you all enjoy! Also these outfits come with appliers for Boobies & da BOOTY ;]

#1 “Paradigm”

Comes in a ton of different options for the skirt including different animal print designs.

(This outfit can be found at Stuff In Stock)

#2 “Almost Easy”

#3 “Trick or Treat”

Can be found >> here <<

#4 “Piper Jeans”

#5 “Mesh Tube” (Jeans are included)

Can be found at the Silicone Event. 🙂

Mine Would Be You

What’s your all time high, your good as it gets?
Your hands down best ever make-up sex?
What’s your guilty pleasure, your old go to?
Well if you asked me, mine would be you



Pinterest Inspiration.

Hello my loves! I know I havent did a blog post in over a week and its been killing me. Ive been trying this new lifestyle change diet where I can have 20 carbs a day and 0 sugar. Needless to say as I sit here and type this I got the shakes and Im craving a candy bar and a big nice pizza so bad I could cry. lmfao. Anywho.. today Im bringing to you another outfit inspiration I found off of Pinterest. I tried to match it up the best I could and I hope you all enjoy!! Love yall to pieces and ill see you soon! Happy Shopping Ladies :]

Shirt: {Mon Tissu} “Slouchy Sweatshirt-Grey”

Jeans: [Cynful] + lil’lace “Bell Bottom Trashed”

Hair: Truth Hair “Elaine” {NEW!}
Bracelet: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. “Amore Mia” (Aqua)

Watch: [7891.] “Rolex Watch” (Gold)

Earrings: Erratic “Hoop Earrings Gold”

Necklace: MG “Peace Pendant Gold”
(You can actually get this Pendant for FREE at the Event at the [Cynful] & Lil’Lace & Blacklace reopening as a gift) You can visit here >> Click This <<

*Baby you’re my disease*



Hey everyone! Here is 2 new releases from Sugar & Cyanide that Jaysee has released at Stuff in Stock. Both of these outfits are located downstairs in the event. Also these outfits include Phat Azz appliers and Tango Appliers.  Hope you enjoy! Happy Shopping everyone!


Top & Jeans: S&C “Mesh Bra & Jeans”

Hair: Truth Hair “Jolene”

*Second Outfit*

Outfit: S&C “Savage”

Hair: Ploom “Gabby”

*Touch of my hand*

Today I bring to you a gorgeous new skin from Sugar & Cyanide. Skin comes in different colors to choose from as you see in the photo above along with tons of different makeup options for you to pick to match your outfit. Stunning detail so if you’re looking for a new skin stop on over and at least check out the demo. What do you have to lose?

Also Im wearing a new set of lingerie from Sugar & Cyanide. You have 2 colors to choose from as you see in the photo above. Happy shopping girlies.

Skin: Sugar & Cyanide “Ashlee” {NEW!}

Lingerie: Sugar & Cyanide “Aphrodite” (White) “Eris” (black) {NEW!}

[[Another Brick In The Wall]]



Shirt: .:Alterego:. “Naughty School Girl Outfit”  (Bra is from same outfit)


Skirt: *S&C* “Ruffle Skirt” (Comes with a HUD 8 options)


Hair: [LeLutka] “Keiko”


Glasses: **ArisAris** “Black & Flowers”


Earrings: *rockCandy “Mega Hoops” (red)


Backpack: .:FD:. “Zombie Marylin”  (Found on MP)





I got SO MANY compliments on this outfit I figured I would blog it.

Photos are taken at Alter Egos store. :]

Top: {Alterego} “Rack City” outfit

Bangles are included in this outfit shown here.

Bow Piercings are also included in this outfit.

Skirt: {Alterego} “Headsprung” outfit

Stilettos & legwarmers: {Alterego} “Platform Stilettos + Legwarmers”  (Blk Strip)


Rings: Cute Poison “Diamond Star Rings” (Pack A)


Hair: .Ploom. “”June” (New)


Earrings: ON¥X NO!R “Chanel Diamonds Are 4eva”