*Givin Santa Lovins*



*NEW* From Sugar & Cyanide at An Enchanted Christmas Fair 2013. This is one of the 2 items you can pick up from there. This is called “Holly” in Red. So sexy and festive at the same time. Love this look. And comes with Phat Azz Appliers for you girls with dat big booty. 🙂

A Holiday Dress to Remember. :)



This is a new Holiday themed dress from Sugar & Cyanide. Its called “Holiday-purple” and its absolutely beautiful. I love this color purple its so pretty. Could be used for tons of different occasions.. even maybe a New Years Party dress. Dont let this one slip by you girls. Go get it.

You can get it at The Boobie Planet

*White Girl gotta BOOTY*

“I know this girl named Miss Jaden and her ass the softest tissue
She got everybody hatin’ cuz her booty is official
I say “whooty” they say “whooty?” I say “white gurl wit a booty”




Here is Sugar & Cyanides release for the Big Booty Bazaar Monthly event for all yall females with a bootilicious booty. This outfit is called “Sex & Candy.” Hurry and get it before the event is over. 🙂
Big Booty Bazaar Event