leans on me like a rootless tree

Fuck you
And all we’ve been through
I said leave it, 
It’s nothing to you

And if you hate me
Then hate me so good
That you just let me out
Let me out, let me out
It’s hell when you’re around.

What I want from this is to learn to let go
No, not of you, of all that’s been told
Killers re-invent and believe
And this leans on me like a rootless tree.

*Rootless Tree*
*Rootless Tree*

Hey y’all! First off I would like to say I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and I hope you’re ready for the new year since its only a couple days away. Seems like this year has flew by for me. Although the older I get I’ve noticed 12 months seems like 5 lol. Especially since time in SL seems to fly by already 1 month feels like a year. ANY WHO.. today I’m bringing you this lovely sweater from a dear friend of mine, Sofia. I fell in love with it and knew I needed it for my SL closet. So much that I’ve seriously been wearing this same outfit in SL for a good week now. I don’t want to take it off. Its cute, casual, comfy, warm.. and very fitting for this holiday season. You can pair it up with about any jeans and it looks great, but I went with Auxilierys Belted Bells jeans. Throw on some cute heels and you’re ready for the night. This is one of my favorite hair styles in SL too. I think Truth recently came out with one similar to this one but the one I’m wearing now comes with a shaved hair base so you can be a little bit more edgy with your look. LOVE! Anyways, I hope you all have a fabulous New Year and can stick to whichever resolution you decide to do. Love you all to pieces and once again thank you for all the support and love you show me and my blog. Muah xoxo

Top: Zee “Cashmere Comfy Sweater” (Black)
Jeans: [Aux] “Belted Bells” (Grime)
Shoes: N-Core “Coquette Glitter Edition” (Black)
Hair: eXxEsS “Chimera”
Ring: [7891.] “Dope Ring” (Gold)

Poses: :Belle Poses: “Female Set 2”


♫ You Gotta Fall ♫



Dress: .S&C. “Roxie” (Dress comes with a HUD for different color selections.)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR “Teddy”

Heels: .::Inclination::. “Kill Heels” (Wild Kingdom-Pink)

::. Remember To Forget .::





Shirt & Skirt: .S&C. “Trouble Maker”

Fishnets: :.Envious.: “Poofed Fishnets”

Boots: TEN”10 “Mega Boots”

Hair: TRUTH HAIR “Kenzie”

Shirt & Skirt: .S&C. “Trouble Maker” (Blue)

This outfit is only at the On Point! Event.

Visit it by clicking here

[[Another Brick In The Wall]]



Shirt: .:Alterego:. “Naughty School Girl Outfit”  (Bra is from same outfit)


Skirt: *S&C* “Ruffle Skirt” (Comes with a HUD 8 options)


Hair: [LeLutka] “Keiko”


Glasses: **ArisAris** “Black & Flowers”


Earrings: *rockCandy “Mega Hoops” (red)


Backpack: .:FD:. “Zombie Marylin”  (Found on MP)

☠Feel Good Drag☠



Top: .S&C. “Vengeance” (Includes HUD to change top colors)


Corset: *Cinched* “Sade Underbust Corset-Black”


Panties: **Aqua Kisses** “Torn Apart Panties-Black Ripped”


Shoes: *Deviant Designs* “Scream”


Hair:.ploom. “Amerlee”


Condom: Pseudo “Condom”


Eyes: JM2 “Black Demon Eyes”


::+:: I Who Have Nothing ::+::




Nanny Mesh Swimwear “Zebra Pink”


Nanny Mesh Swimwear “Red Dots”


Nanny Mesh Swimwear “Green Square Cloth”

Everything you see in this photo is all one outfit to purchase. (besides hair & nails)

These bathing suits.. omgahh I dieeeee they are absolutely THE CUTEST THINGS EVER!!

I must admit.. dont buy just one, when you go buy the freaking fat pack of these. Each and every

one of them are SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! The quality is amazing it comes in tonsss of sizes for you

to choose from for your avi. This is officially my favorite bathing suits in SL right now by FAR!

Why are you still reading this? Go buy them NOWW!! :]

Soul In World Link

Soul Marketplace Link






Jacket & Shirt: GizzA “Cotton Jacket Denim”

Sweats: .::Inclination::. “Bling Bum Sweatpants” (Dark Grey)
(These sweats come with a HUD that you can change them to have a
stripe down the side or writing on the booty. Tons of different
varaities in the hud to choose from. VERY CUTE!)

Hair: [LeLutka] “Jada”

*Anything your heart desires*



Outfit: *S&C* “Minnie 2” (comes with ears)

To get this outfit visit Bewbapalooza

Heels: *LG* “Minnie Mouse Pumps” (On MP)

Hair: Truth “Quinn”

→ нσℓℓуωσσ∂ ωнσяє ←



Cocaine nose,
And trendy clothes,
Gotta send her to rehab.
She found out she’s got no soul,
But it really doesn’t bother her.
White trash queen,
American dream
Oh, what a role model.




Outfit: *S&C* “Porn Star”
(New round started for The Boobie Planet on July 6th.

You can only get this outfit there.)

Heels: Apple May Designs “Suede Pumps” (Coal)

Hair: [LeLutka] “Hera 2.0 Hair” (Coal Mine)





I got SO MANY compliments on this outfit I figured I would blog it.

Photos are taken at Alter Egos store. :]

Top: {Alterego} “Rack City” outfit

Bangles are included in this outfit shown here.

Bow Piercings are also included in this outfit.

Skirt: {Alterego} “Headsprung” outfit

Stilettos & legwarmers: {Alterego} “Platform Stilettos + Legwarmers”  (Blk Strip)


Rings: Cute Poison “Diamond Star Rings” (Pack A)


Hair: .Ploom. “”June” (New)


Earrings: ON¥X NO!R “Chanel Diamonds Are 4eva”