*Jackalope @ Somber Event*

Tops Shown: JACKALOPE “SpaceQueen Cosmic RARE & GoAway” {NEW!} @ Somber
Leggings: JACKALOPE “Charcoal (Common), Colorful Cosmos (Rare 3), CosmicStorm (Rare 2), StaticsStars (Rare 1 with color changing HUD) {NEW!} @ Somber
Sunglasses: JACKALOPE “Sunglasses Black Galaxy (Common), & Cosmic (RARE) {NEW!} @ Somber
Heels: #EMPIRE “Bouvardia”
Hair: Truth Hair “VIP JUNE” {NEW!}

Somber Event Starts June 13th
More details about event can
be found here on their fb page

undying hope

She had this way
of always finding
the good and
believing in everything
despite all that
she had seen. And
that is what I loved
the most –
the pure magic
of her undying hope.
– Becca Lee

Top: [Cynful] Clothing “Bloom Blouse” {NEW!} @ C88 April 2017
Skirt: [Cynful] Clothing “Bloom Skirt” {NEW!} @ C88 April 2017
Hair: [RA] “Fiona Hair” {NEW!} @ We ❤ Roleplay! April 2017
Pose: Something New “Look at me Pose #3”

she walked in the club like nobody’s business

Six inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody’s business
Goddamn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness

She works for the money, she work for the money
From the start to the finish
And she worth every dollar, she worth every dollar
And she worth every minute

 Top: JACKALOPE “Roxy Top” {NEW!} @ anyBODY
Dress: JACKALOPE “Cece Dress” {NEW!} @ anyBODY
Hair: :::Phoenix::: “Tiana” {NEW!}
Heels: Garbaggio “Naomi Platforms” (Black)



Top: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Chilli Jersey” {NEW!} @ 90’s Throwback Event
Jeans: ::Villena:: “Distorted Boyfriend Jeans”
Hair: [RA] “Marina Hair”
Shoes: Tetra “Air Sneakers” {NEW!}
Necklace: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Chillie Jersey Necklace” {NEW!} @ 90’s Throwback Event
Necklace: Amala “The 100 Necklace” {NEW!}


the perfect sonnet



She is made up of words that not anyone can understand; her mind is a dictionary of sadness and heartache, and her heart is a poetry book for the hopeless. She is the prettiest song, the perfect sonnet, the most meaningful haiku, and the longest novel. It takes a while to read her, seconds to love her and a life time to forget her. ♥

Hello Loves!! Today I’m bringing to you this amazing set that Cynful Clothing has to offer at this Epiphany round for July-August 2016. The only things not pictured that you also have to choose from is the Exclusive earrings and the bracelet. All gacha details are listed below so you know what you’re getting with each item. All colors are GORGEOUS, but i’m sucha sucker for nude colors recently because I think they look great on my skin tone. That’s why I chose those to show you today. Hope everyone enjoys and if you cant get into this event right away, keep trying and don’t fret because you have until August 15th to snag these gorgeous creations. ♥

Here is the details about the Pucker set.

Starting with the necklace:

4 common colors (no hud)
2 Rares hud controlled with the following options:
6 lip colors
6 metal colors
* Top and pants

6 commons (no hud)

1 rare top
Hud controlled with the following options:
5 different lip colors
5 different outline colors

1 rare pants
Both hud controlled with the following options:
5 different outline colors

Rare only hud controlled with the following options:
6 lipstick colors
6 metal colors

Rare only hud controlled with the following options:
6 lipstick colors
6 metal colors


4 commons (no hud)
2 rares ( hud controlled)
Rare only hud controlled with the following options:
6 lip colors
6 metal colors
Leg strap

4 commons

2 rares ( hud controlled)
Rare only hud controlled with the following options:
6 lipstick colors
6 metal colors
6 lace colors

*Exclusive* (Not Pictured)
For the Epiphany exclusive  we have earrings hud controlled
6 lip colors
6 metal colors

Everything except Bracelet and Necklace is rigged for following Mesh Bodies:
Belleza Isis, Freya, Venus
Maitreya Lara
SLink Physique and Hourglass

Non rigged items are resize-able via script in item

Top: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Pucker Top #4” {NEW!} @ Epiphany
Shorts: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Pucker Pants #4” {NEW!} @ Epiphany
Necklace: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Pucker Necklace” -RARE #1- {NEW!} @ Epiphany
Belt: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Lipstick Belt” -RARE- {NEW!} @ Epiphany
Garter: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Pucker Garter” -RARE #1- {NEW!} @ Epiphany
Armband: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Pucker Armband” -RARE- {NEW!} @ Epiphany
Heels: #Empire “Aster”
Hair: Mithral “Pepper”





Center of the ring just like a circus.




Im bringing to you a new release from Pink Sugah today for this absolutely AMAZING event starting November 6th-26th. This is called the Cirque de Seraphim Event. Its a sim-wide sales event featuring designers with new, circus themed creations. The best part about this event? Each designer has to provide at least one donation item at 50% donation to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) So one items money earned from it 50% of it will go to help animals. If you know me you know im a HUGE supporter of animals and helping them. So when I found this out it just touched my heart so much. This is a huge event too with tons of goodies to go check out. Please go and at least look around. Its for a great cause.. who doesnt love helping animals? And you could make a difference with your purchases. This outfit Im showing you today is new from Pink Sugah as I said and you get everything you see here besides hair. Outfit comes with the laces for your feet, clothing, and head piece. ALSO this is Tara’s first pose prop shes made. It also comes with the outfit. Its a cute little bar with a few different poses in it that you see above. I didnt show them all so you will have to get this outfit to see the rest. It comes in 5 colors total and it so stinkin cute. I hope you go visit this event starting the 6th and at least look around.. what do you have to lose?


Outfit: .:Pink Sugah:. “Trapeze Outfit” (Pink) {NEW!} @ Cirque de Seraphim
Hair: .Ploom. “Carrie”

*Need a hand?*




Its Topless Tuesday and today Im showing off the goods lmao. This is def a different look for me, but I thought what the hell and went with it. I love love love loveeeeeee this skin from Flounce. Its another one of the skin tones from their Halloween Blackout items. The highlights on the face are just amazing and this one even has some purple eye shadow and my god is it gorgeous!! And how juicy and full do my lips look? I love it! I love everything about this skin from the color, eye shadow, little details and the eyes. I wanted to show it off better so I decided to wear little to nothing in this post without being completely naked lol. The tattoo I found at The Big Show and fell in love. Its this gorgeous Henna tattoo that comes in 3 different shades. Since I was showing off the skin I figured I would show off the tattoo too. Im not sure if TBS is still going on but I dont think this tattoo was an exclusive to it so you can probably go check it out at the store. Also the pose is new from Something New and its called “Blog my tatt” so I figured it was perfect to use for showing off the tattoo. I hope you all enjoy this different look from me. And I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!! Until next time…


Skin: Flounce “Amelia” (Drow) {NEW} @ Halloween Blackout
Outfit: Impose “Grabby Ass, Grabby Chest, Grabby Crotch” (Halloween Blackout Pack) {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout
Hair: Truth Hair “Anita”
Horns: *{ Seven Garden}* “Rina” (Its a complete outfit but I didnt use it all for this look)
Tattoo: Infected “Henne Tattoo”
Pose: *Something New~ “Blog My Tatt” {NEW!}


One less problem without you.



Hey yall! Im my last two blog posts Ive been blonde. Which is weird for me but for some reason Im starting to like it. Maybe because its Summer and when I think of Summer I think of lighter colored hair lol. I used to be a blonde in Second Life years ago, but I after things ended with my ex at the time (Of one year) i needed a change and my hair color was it. Funny seeing myself as a blonde again in these posts because it takes me back to those times with him. -gags- lmfao. Anywho.. im bringing to you today another outfit from HeatWave. I love turquoise and brown used together. I think the combinations go so lovely with each other. Seeing this swimsuit I knew it was the one I wanted to blog. This also comes with the hat and a towel you can use over the shoulder as an option too. So lovely. The hair is from Spellbound and while trying on the Demo I fell in love with it. Pretty sure if you see me in SL anytime soon youll see me rocking this lol. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Dont forget to go check out the heatwave gatcha event while you still can. You got a couple more weeks to go before its gone and there is so many amazing designers and things to get.


Bathing Suit: Ryba Design “Mesh Swimsuit Nr 3” (RARE) {NEW} @ HeatWave Gatcha
Hair: +Spellbound+ “Ellie”